Michael Lohan: Released From Jail, Arrested Again For Contacting Ex, Pulled Out of Tree By Cops

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Michael Lohan was released from jail on $5,000 bond yesterday following his Tuesday a.m. arrest for domestic violence against on/off girlfriend Kate Major.

Lindsay's father was then arrested AGAIN for allegedly contacting Major in violation of a restraining order, then got stuck in a tree trying to evade police.

Seriously, this actually happened. Talk about going out on a limb.

Michael Lohan Back in Jail

Tampa police responded to a call early this morning from Kate, who claimed MiLo had been trying to contact her by phone and wouldn't leave her alone.

This after he was torn a new one by a judge for violating the restraining order the same day, and told if he even dreamed about Major, he'd go to jail.

Officers interviewed Kate, who called 911 on him earlier this week, at her apartment after she made the call. While police were there, he called. Again.

Officers believed that given Michael's repeated disregard for the no contact order, he was considered a "threat," so they went to his hotel to arrest him.

That's when he tried to escape by hopping a third story balcony ... and landed in a tree. Officers then helped him down and hauled him back to jail.

Michael Lohan was charged with violating a condition of his pretrial release (contacting Kate) and resisting arrest without violence. He is in custody.


No mention of alcohol or drugs during this latest caper, sound familiar? He had to be high on something, absolutely incapable of making a single good decision as he was setting himself up to once again, drink/use and 'get Kate M', another addict.
The role model Lindsay had never existed, but he can't get a job, has no one to turn to just like her and both sadly may wind up 'the late Michael and Lindsay Lohans'before too long. All addicts deserve 'help', whether it 'takes or not' is up to them. They aren't responsible for being 'addicts' but are responsible for their own recovery and life isn't giving them either one, enough YET. The 'yets' are out there, just waiting. Michael, am sure you read all you can about 'you' and hope you read this. Keep trying before it's too late. We won't much miss you but some in your family will, like your other daughter? MW


My God, when does it stop. It's not them it's the media who gives
them air time. It's pathetic, when there are far more news worthy
stories out there to be told, kids to be found and so on. Let these
idiots go up in flames and be done with them, The Anthony's ,The
Kardashian's, Charlie Sheen, the whole lot. White noise is what it
is, period!!!!


Father and daughter both need to be thrown in jail for a while. Anyone else would have been thrown in the clink a long time ago!




I agree, Jaybird ! SHE'S A SKANK-HOE !!!!!


Now you know the meaning of "THE APPLE DOESN'T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE" !!!!!!!!!!!!! LITERALLY! This is one of the most DYSFUNCTIONAL Families on the FREAKIN' PLANET !!! Just look @ Lindsay... How in the F#*K DO YOU KEEP VIOLATING PROBATION, & DON'T GO DIRECTLY TO FREAKIN' JAIL ?????????? EITHER SHE'S SCREWIN' SOME OFFICIAL, OF PAYING THEM OFF !!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DECIDE.....


Michael Lohan CLIMBING A TREE in attempting to avoid the police????? Mike, dude, what are you...10 years old????? I think the better term here is OVERGROWN MORON!!!!! A while back, watching MiLo on that Celebrity Rehab show ended up being POINTLESS!!!!! MiLo being on there served NO PURPOSE (or whatever) AT ALL!!!!! Dr. Drew was an IDIOT for wasting his own time and energy on that moronic and messed-up MiLo!!!!! I lost A LOT of respect for Dr. Drew after that. FYI...The other one on VH1 (Sober House) is WAY WORSE!!!!! The housemother on there (Maria or whatever the fuck her name is) is nothing but a blubbering, nosy, and WHINY-ASS SKANK!!!!! Since Celebrity Rehab horribly failed at helping MiLo, here's a (hopefully) clearer and better approach...PAGING A&E's INTERVENTION!!!!! And the DOWNWARD SPIRAL of The Lohan Family Continues..........




He and Lindsey are both hopeless. They think they are above the law. They are just NOT going to follow orders. They are sickening thugs.


He is and his daughter both live in a tree. Addicts, hopeless and loving the attention. If the cameras would stop following these idiots around, we would not waste our time hearing about them. WHO CARES!!!!!!!

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