Megyn Kelly on UC Davis Pepper Spray Scandal: No Big Deal!

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Earlier this week, police on the campus of the University of California-Davis used pepper spray to subdue protesting students. The maneuver - which you can watch on tape HERE - caused outrage across the Internet.

But Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has no idea why.

"It's like a derivative of actual pepper," she actually said on air yesterday. "It's a food product, essentially."

Kelly acknowledged the video "looks bad," as officers in riot gear unleashed the substance on a group of relatively calm individuals. But they didn't really react, so might the cops have used a "diluted" version of the product, she wonders?

Watch the clip above and react: Kelly is...


they got what they deserve because as usual, the lefties made sure you didn't see the whole story. They surrounded the police and locked arms and then were warned numerous times by the police to make way or they would be sprayed. The whole story was fabrication and the lying leftist media went along with it just like in the recent case with zimmerman and trayvon. another complete distortion and fraud by the lying media.


mrespo:LOL! I loove your comment as well Anon's above yours. The woman is a total nosepicking moron.Pepper spray is thick as spraypaint, and it hurts like an SOB, trust me. I'd like to see a cop spray it directly into her face with a good strong burst like they did to those studentsjust sitting quietly there at UC Davis. Or better yet,if it's not so bad, maybe she'll just let me do that to her!


Megyn,please put this on your salad and eat it. Let us seeyour reaction on TV. Of course, it is so delicious, but next day, do tell the audience how your asshole feels when you pass all the shit through it!


And I suppose mustard gas was good on corned beef sandwiches too...


So, people are actually paid to make such stupid comments? I guess the "freedom of speech" we hear so much about includes freedom from thought and responsibility for where our mouth takes us. That is a cheep interpretation of the Constitution by a group that hides behind the words but smears the spirit. It is a shame!!!


This woman is just as dumb as JoJo's dog, and he jumped a fence backwards!!


I'm SO WITH YA WV Peach! like wtf man!!

Wv peach

Spray her in the face with this "diluted food product" and see how she feels. Where does FOX find these dingbats?

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