Police Pepper Spray UC-Davis Students

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Watch police pepper spray students at UC-Davis November 18, 2011. The Occupy movement continues to lead to tense interactions across the nation, but nothing like this.
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This is horrible, the students were NO threat to themselves or anyone else....This is so wrong in so many degrees how can our public officals think for a second that this type of mis-treatment is okay and acceptable. Police with pepper spray and batons, weapons...while the student were seated peacefully!!!! UNITED STATES SHOULD BE APPAULED BY THE WAY OFFICALS TREATED THE STUDENTS, THEY ABUSED THEIR POWER 110%. Many lawsuits should follow this type of mis-treatment, from the college officals all the way to the public safety divisions....The students were treated worse than immates in a prision, in the prisions even immates have the right not to get pepper sprayed when they are not in a threatening position such as sitting...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE? THERE NEEDS TO BE ANSWERS! OUR PRESIDENT, IS SURE TO KNOW OF THIS HORRIBLE INJUSTICE....HE NEEDS TO ADDRESS HIS OPINION ON THE ISSUE ALSO....


this is disturbing:(and wrong:(


This is horrible and there's nothing wrong for standing up for what you believe in they should mace the cops!

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