Mariah Yeater Baby Scandal: Will Justin Bieber Take a Paternity Test?

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Justin Bieber swears he's never met 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, the chick who says he put a baby inside her after 30 seconds of unprotected ecstasy last October.

He could be ordered by a judge to take a DNA test to prove he's not the father of her child, which she claims in a paternity suit filed Monday in San Diego, Calif.

Bieber is required to file a response to the lawsuit before a December 15 hearing, which will likely hinge on how credible a judge feels Mariah Yeater's story is.

Justin Bieber, New Hairstyle
Mariah Yeater Mug Shot

Biebs says he's never met Mariah Yeater, posing here for a mug shot.

The judge has to weigh two things: Bieber's right to privacy versus the child's right to know who the father is, according to experts, and "Unless the judge thinks the woman made everything up, the court will likely order the test."

Even if the Bieb never hit that, a DNA test may be the only way to prove it.

As we said, Bieber denied any railing of Yeater. But if the accusations persist, he may be forced to provide proof, rather than "ignoring the rumors." His attorneys may also quietly, privately agree to a test without the court's involvement.

Yeater's attorneys say they have "credible evidence" to prove Justin knocked her up and are seeking a "modest and rightful" settlement. Of course, they haven't said much at all since reports surfaced that she first accused her ex of paternity.

Seriously. Those fools are radio silent now. Makes you think.

Do you believe Justin Bieber impregnated this chick?


It may be possibly if only it was unprotected,even if it 5 seconds


kapal mukha ni yeater hahaha


kapal mukha ang pangit matanda pa!!!!iwwww


Justin my love thats wat u get 4 dating famous pipo. Try dating normal gals lyk us n u wnt hv crazy fans claiming tht u r th fathr of their lyk whatever!


bieber boy jst tek th responsibility ov th baby,dnt b a coward....stand lyk brave


lol. this just for publicity cuz he's starting to lose his ignorant fans. :))


That crazy hitch Justin is a good boy!


Ha please its impossible for Justin beiber to impregnate anybody, its obvious she's a girl and girl on girl can't make babys. there problem solved.


Wont she get into alot of trouble anyway? the guy is under 18 and she's over wont that like be like statutory rape or something? she says it was october 2010 and he was bearly 17 and she was 20/19?


Everyone needs to chill out and wait for a blood test. If he has nothing to hide, it shouldn't be a problem right? Simple as that. If I was a guy and someone accused me of impregnating them and all it took was a little test to prove to the world that they were lying, I'd jump on it! Unless he really did impregnate her... in that case I can see why he wouldn't want to take the test...

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