Mariah Yeater Bombshell: Ex-Boyfriend Originally Accused of Paternity

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Wait, Mariah Yeater: who's the daddy?!?

This 20-year old has been in the news all week because she's filed a paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber, alleging he knocked her up after a concert in late 2010 (which he has denied). But a woman named Frances Lippe has now come forward with major scoop related to this claim.

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Lippe tells TMZ that Yeater once dated her grandson, John Terranova.

In December, about one month after she says Bieber got her pregnant, Yeater reportedly showed up at Lippe's house and got into a major altercation with Terranova, stemming for her assertion that HE was the father of her child.

Lippe says Yeater broke a window in the home and slapped her grandson three times in the face. Police were called to the scene and Yeater was booked on charges of battery. The family never heard from Mariah again.

On July 6, she gave birth to a boy - and did NOT list anyone as the father.

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#1 I hate her for saying that and if ur a bieber believer don't believe it im 11 and she is toooooo ugly for him she need a fucking like if I se her one day I will punch her in the face she rune Justin life and that baby look Nuff like Justin I hatttttttttttttttttte herrrrrrr sooooooo much I hope she goes to jail 4 ever


If he is 100% sure he is not the father, then he should be quick to jump at the chance to prove it. He seems to be dragging his feet. This could suggest that he had sex with at least one fan after at least one concert and he's not certain if this is her. Frankly, I don't care who the father is, I just don't want this child to become another bad statistic.


this is hilarious!


Is anyone not considering the timeline...they say you are pregnant for 9 months , but really it is 40 weeks the times just don't add up if the concert was the middles of October....She's a loser!


I bet her ex boyfriend is the daddy it makes way more sence. They prob slept together right before she left and thats when she got pregnant and docs are never accurate with dates. My question is why hasn't the ex boyfriend took a dna test yet? Thats what should have been going on since Justin is not even in the usa. If it comes back not his then continue.


OMG she's lieing Justin is way to yound on the year she got pregnent that means she was 19 and he was 17 and even if that happened then she would go to jail for having it with a under aged boy so she would go to jail so she's stupid


I worry the JB told a lie though. He stated he NEVER stays after the show. He ALWAYS leaves straight to his car. But, if you search the internet you can find hundreds of photos or post where people have photos of them meeting JB after the show or they won a contest to meet JB after the show. So, he is not telling the whole truth either.


I can't believe what peoples can do in this world to get Money and Fame ! :(


i don't believe if he the father


Justin has millions and millions of fan, most of whom are beautiful young ladies. Although he already has a wonderful girlfriend, he could have any young lady that he wishes and would treat them with the respect that he would expect in return. Why in the world would he risk his career, his dignity and waste his time with white trash like her. Seriously, Mariah.... Get a job and fix you own mess....Exactly how far did you think you would get with this? Aside from you other short falls, it appears brains are at the top of the list. Perhaps you should focus on the child that you now brought into the world and begin by teaching him that there are no short cuts in life. Don't let him begin life and grow up knowing what a fool his mother is.

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