Lindsay Lohan Killing it at the Morgue

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Lindsay Lohan is killing it at morgue duty. Seriously, inappropriate puns aside, the troubled star is slaying expectations and then some up in that piece.

Maybe structure's what she needs, as TMZ notes, because Lindsay's easily on pace to finish her court-ordered stints at the morgue on time for once.

Not only that, she's ahead of schedule - way ahead.

Lindsay Lohan Side Boob

Lohan has already completed 10 of her 12 required morgue duty shifts, an impressive feat considering that she still has another three weeks to do so.

And this go-getter isn't about to stop there. Lindsay plans to finish the remaining two shifts ASAP to get a jump on her other community service too.

That way, at her December 14 status hearing, Linds will be able to say that not only is she abiding by the judge's ruling, but going above and beyond.

Also, Lindsay has built a nice reputation at the morgue, acting polite, working hard, never complaining and (after that first day) showing up on time.

She's got plenty of motivation to keep it up. LiLo got off easy with a mere four hours in jail this month, but if she messes up again, 270 days loom.


Damian Miles Hollywood 101 Show Here... Miss Lohan ''NoDoubt'' Will Access This Time Spent In Civic Duty While Playing Some Future Acadamey Award Nominated Role...Ms. Lohan is a Great Actress and Here at Hollywood 101 We Wish Her All The Best In Her Career.....It Shows Great Face To Complete Her Civic Duty and That Is Fabulous and a Lesson Learned. Right On Linday.... I've Got My Critics Eye On "That Girl".... Cheers and a Shout Out To Marlo Thomas


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In all honesty, it's a damn shame. She's absolutely pitiable. She'll be back in jail again, and it's too naive to think she's going to be alright.


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She is soooooo pretty good thing she is getting back on track go LILO


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