Lindsay Lohan: Already In and Out of Jail!

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Lindsay Lohan checked into jail last night and was released early this morning. A 30-day sentence cut down to less than five hours - way to go, justice system!

The train wreck stealthily checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., last night at 8:48 p.m. PST to begin serving her sentence.

She was released at approximately 1:30 a.m. this morning. Brutal!

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While Judge Stephanie Sautner recently handed down what looked to be a real punishment for her repeated probation-violating ways, LiLo has done it again.

She can thank jail overcrowding. Misdemeanor, non-violent criminals sentenced to 90 days or less are often sprung almost immediately in the Los Angeles area.

With nowhere for them to go, the system has no choice but to prioritize, allowing riffraff like Lohan - who could use a good month or two in a cell - to skate.

So it goes. Lohan does face 270 days in jail if she screws up the terms of her probation again, although she'd likely find some way to weasel out of that too.

What a joke.


It appears to be some jealous hateful misinformed people who continue to claim they know the law and fairness better than everyone in the world. They hate that L.LO. got the same treatment any other person would have got. People who are un -happy with themselves sometimes want to see others suffer to make them look better. Talented and still attractive!


What about her posing for Playboy? Is she out of that pic deal? She did not turn out a good pose or pic. PB will probably not retry pictures of her that are messed up


How is it the judge's fault that the jail let her out? The judge did what she was supposed to she sentenced her. Besides she's going to have to serve the whole sentence this time she didn't do her community service the first time and she probably won't do it this time.


Tell me does the system supply this girls drug habit to i would not be suprised if she is sitting somewhere smoking crack with the judge that sentanced her!


@ Free Britney,
To borrow a line from Timon (the meerkat) from the Lion King "you're killing me".
Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. By all indications, Lilo was born with a get out of jail free card. Between Lilo and Kim K. it is hard to determine which scatterbrain is worst, the one who slips in and out of the judicial system, or the one who slipped in and out of marriage. Either way these two know how to make a mockery out of 2 of the most respected foundations of modern civilization!!


LETS ALL START VIDEOING OUR OPINIONS ON U-TUBE.LETS SHOW THE WORLD HOW WE THINK THAT ALL OF THIS IS B.S. We all know that she isnt gonna read all our comments, so lets show them and maybe she will see them.


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She is *bitch* mother of all whores i hate her d more d law shd hang her fuckin neck.


Twinkle Twinkle Li-Li-Lo
Off to Jail you do not go
Is it 'cause you have the cash?
Or because you flashed your gash?
Twinkle Twinkle Li-Li-Lo
Off to Jail you do not go


To begin with, I TOTALLY AGREE with Kevin...Lindsay NEEDS to be hung (out to dry, that is)!!!!! And, this also includes ALL of the idiotic, moronic and spineless judges that clearly DO NOT know how to do any of their J-O-B-S!!!!! To me, that so-called judge Stephanie Sautner is the most INEPT!!!!! And a STUPID-ASS BITCH!!!!! Stephanie...YOU SUCK AS A JUDGE...BADLY!!!!! Also, it makes me wonder if she INEPTLY MISHANDLES the rest of her cases the same way that she (mis)handled the Lindsay matter (or whatever)?! Who the fuck knows?! Lindsay is nothing but a pathetic, skanky and stomach-churning TRAIN WRECK who will NEVER EVER learn her lesson!!!!! PERIOD!!!!! The Bottom Line for me: Let Lindsay fend for herself (reality, warts and all)!!!!! She's WAY TOO MUCH OUT OF CONTROL for anyone/anyone else to help her anymore!!!!! PERIOD!!!!! Peace-Out, Ya'll!!!!!

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