Laura Bellizzi: Mel Gibson Got Me Pregnant!!

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Here we go again: A pregnant reality star who dated Mel Gibson briefly during the summer is telling friends that the actor is the father of her unborn baby.

Laura Bellizzi, 35, and Gibson, 55, denied the claim when contacted for comment, and a source close to Gibson insists that it’s “physically impossible.”

Unless Mel got "fixed" after the Oksana Grigorieva debacle, we're not sure what that means. In any case, he says it's not true. Radar says otherwise.


A supposedly close insider says that Laura Bellizzi has already confided to friends that Mel is the baby daddy, but does not want the big news to go public.

“Laura’s being as secretive as she can be about it,” the source said. “But she’s really showing now, and people are beginning to ask: ‘Who’s the daddy?’”

The well-placed source says Laura, who appeared on VH1’s Secrets of Aspen in 2010, is more than four months pregnant. She and Mel dated this summer.

“Laura and Mel met through mutual friends in Malibu; the chemistry was instant,” a source said. A family member says the baby has “a famous father.”

Mel has seven kids with his estranged wife, Robyn Moore, and a daughter, Lucia, from his relationship with Russian pianist/singer/gold digger Grigorieva.

As Mariah Yeater proved, you can't believe every baby mama coming out of the woodwork. Although in Mel's case, it clearly wouldn't be the first time.

UPDATE: Check out a pic of Laura Bellizzi ...

Laura Bellizzi Picture

SWELL GIBSON: Did Mel put a baby in Laura Bellizzi?


well I tell you this , she has a big new house with 5 bedrooms. where she had a small 3 bedroom place before. I guess getting pergo and getting a new house with all the perks isnt so bad.

Ms billie

Personally I don't give a damn one way or the other. Although someone should tell these crazy ass people that's what happens when you drop your pants and don't use protection. It's very simple folks you don't want a kid don't take chances and you won't get one or blamed for one. As for women tricking these guys into getting them pregnant can't happen if the guy doesn't want it too. Protection works on both both sides.


I completely agree with Silly Chica...Mel Gibson is SCUM!!!!! PERIOD!!!!! Also, Mel has so many goddamn kids!!!!! He DOES NOT need any more kids...AT ALL!!!!! Furthermore, in terms of being a total trainwreck, Mel Gibson is the MALE VERSION of Lindsay Lohan!!!!! YIKES!!!!! This is Jaybird369 saying...Peace-Out.


Who in their right man would want to have this creep father their child. What, he already has like 6 or 7 kids. Good gracious, now there is a 3rd babies momma. I think Mel's scum.


Wow. REally folks. Why is this our business (YOUR business).
If Mel and this gal are having private moments, and she is or isn't pregnant, what the hell business is it of ours.
Give the fkn guy a break. Give 'em all a break. If he were 50 and she was 17, ok...let's call a pervy a pervy.
But, really !!....anybody that is having issues with this is either (1.) Jealous the old bastard is nailing a beautiful young woman
(2.) Jealous the old bastard CAN....nail '
(3.) Seriously got no life
...........or likely all of the above. REally, get a second job and donate your earnings to a worthy cause. Let that be your direction of attention.


The women get pregnant on purpose so that they can get lots of child support and still sling hash at a restaurant and party. Why don't the guys just snip snip and play it safe?


With some of the BULLSHIT, coming OUT of Hollywood, DO ya really know the REAL TRUTH, of WHO, is SCREWING WHO????? BUT, isn't that what Hollywood is made up ALL about, of NOT, knowing the REAL TRUTH, just a bunch of BULLSHIT, for people to talk about.


Really you THINK mels past girlfriendis agold digger but do you REALLY believe she brought nothing to the relationship? Seems awfully judgemental for some one who didn't know the ins and outs of that relationship personally. You didn't did you.

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