Jerry Sandusky Interview: Bob Costas Grills Disgraced Penn State Coach on Sex Abuse Allegations

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Monday night, former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky broke his silence on the stunning sexual abuse scandal that has roiled the university.

Facing 40 counts of sexual abuse against eight boys over a 15-year span, the former coach granted an exclusive interview with Bob Costas on NBC's Rock Center.

Despite admitting he showered with boys, Sandusky maintained his innocence and rejected the term "pedophile," amid some intense questioning by Costas:

The scandal led to the firing of Joe Paterno and Penn State's president. But it's Sandusky at the center of the allegations, and in a word, they are disturbing.

Sandusky had to pause and think before answering Costas' question, "Are you sexually attracted to young boys," in his first interview since the scandal broke.

Costas, who was interviewing Sandusky's lawyer, Joseph Amendola, before the coach himself got on the phone, proved he's one of the finest journalists around.

Handling the situation with professionalism, but also with brutal honestly, he succinctly asked the accused very tough questions that are on everyone's mind.

Follow the jump for a transcript of one exchange, in which Bob Costas questions Jerry Sandusky's innocence, citing a conversation with an alleged victim's parent:

Costas: During one of those conversations, you said, "I understand. I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness," speaking now with the mother, "I know I won't get it from you. I wish I were dead." A guy falsely accused, or a guy whose actions have been misinterpreted, doesn't respond that way. Does he?

Sandusky: I don't know. I didn't say, to my recollection, that "I wish I were dead." I was hopeful that we could reconcile things.

Costas: Shortly after that, in 2000, a janitor said that he saw you performing oral sex on a young boy in the showers in the Penn State locker facility. Did that happen?

Sandusky: No.

Costas: How could somebody think they saw something as extreme and shocking as that when it hadn't occurred? And what would possibly be their motivation to fabricate it?

Sandusky: You'd have to ask them.

Costas: It seems that, if all of these accusations are false, you are the unluckiest and most persecuted man that any of us has ever heard about.

Sandusky: [Laughs] I don't know what you want me to say. I don't think that these have been the best days of my life.


This monster is allowed to walk free and possibly continue his filthy behavior until his trial??? What the hell anyone else would be in jail waiting for that trial to begin!!! He is disgusting and I hope when he is in prison they do to him what he did to those little boys and worse...




I'm so sick of people saying when it comes to little boys that they were "molested" but when it comes to a girl it's rape. Let's call it what it is, he RAPED some of the boys. I wish the press would stop making light of it. These children were raped & knew that other people knew & did nothing about it. The one boy said when he was 10 & being raped that a man walked in, saw him & walked out. How sad for a child to think they were being saved only for nothing to happen.


Young adolescence betrayed by adults. Parents forever caught into the guilt trap of Not being able to protect their children. How can our children ever know safety when they are placed into the "harmful" clutches of the very people that they look to for guidance and protection. Sandusky was looked upon as a "respected" member of society. To look at how he Now represents himself in full denial,it only goes to show that, his perversions for innocent children was well hidden, and even Now he feels that he has done Nothing wrong. To label child molestation as "horseplay" is a discredit to the intelligence of parents who are trying to help their children cope with the aftermath of such an ugly scandal that has been kept quiet for years. Serious damage has been done to the psyche of the families involved, and hopefully there will be resources to help the families in an effect to begin the process of healing, and renewed trust while in the company of adults other than their parents.

T jones

If Jerry Sandusky wasn't so sick and twisted, he would be laughable. The audacity of that freak. Prancing around and gloating about his so-called escapades with innocent, vulnerable, impressionable little boys. Well,....hopefully,....the good thing about all of this is...'Old Big Nose' might meet some of his victims in prison. Bon appetit, Freak!


NBC Rock Center Host Bob Costas Interview with Jerry Sandusky Full Video Tonight:


Now we know to teach our children to defend against sexual molestation in school and In sports especially gay-men sexual molestation on straight boys. As an ex teacher, we should teach our students in school about sexual-molestation classes for child molesters are getting smarter by entering the discipline with tons of children like school, sports, etc.


This is a sin the way football has been a cover up for a sexual molester to work the system and take advantage of under age boys. He probable has already paid hush money years ago to all his young targets and even paid for their education or homes or just lump sums of hush money - Joe should have fired him and called the police at the very first - it should have ended right there and saved many victims - the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. I just want to yell at the TV screen - Please someone just do someting honest and confess your part in all this. Kids deserve better and should be protected by adults. The rightous word of Catalina.

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