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No offense to Edward, Jacob and their respective team members, but Breaking Dawn is all about Bella. In the epic Twilight conclusion, Kristen Stewart’s character is seen as a newlywed, a newly-turned vampire and as a pregnant woman.

Going through all of those changes with a girl she’s played for so long was not easy for Stewart, who feels like a part of herself will always be entwined with Bella Swan.

“I’m pretty wrapped up in her,” Kristen tells Movie Fanatic. “If you’re the type of girl to identify with Bella then you’re just kind of on her. So it’s really hard for me.”

“I genuinely had to justify every decision she made the whole way through.”

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Among the many milestones crammed into the first part of Breaking Dawn (in theaters this Friday) is Bella’s wedding to Edward, played by Robert Pattinson.

“I had a million different things going through my head,” she recalled of walking down the aisle. “What I kept telling myself was, “Stop, stop, stop. Like just do it. Actually have this experience because you’re just about to ruin it.”

Of co-stars Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, she says, “I can’t imagine what this film would have been if I didn’t have really, really solid and growing relationships with them.”

“When you work with people like that, you give so much, you’re so comfortable and you can do no wrong, and so they’ve got you. I think we all just got along, and it shows.”

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