Jennifer Lopez Under Fire for Fiat Performance Shill

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Jennifer Lopez grabbed the attention of American Music Awards viewers last night by wearing very little clothing... and by shilling a whole lot for Fiat.

The singer danced and gyrated to a medley of songs during her six-minute set, while also making prominent use of the same car you've undoubtedly seen her endorse in countless commercials over the past few weeks. See for yourself:

The overt, Kim Kardashian-like shill has raised the ire of many celebrities. John Legend, for example, Tweeted in response to the advertisement-based performance: "That had to be the most shameless thing I've ever seen in a performance. I was genuinely shocked."

What do you make of this routine? J. Lo's Fiat plug was...


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JLO is cool. So what she is older and had babies? That is her spirit that is young, that is what is inspiring in her dance moves and music. She will always rock and be sexy at any age. Stop hating. Hating is toxic people.


And what's up with her stupid lame wanna be sexy poses. Gawd I can't stand this bitch, jlow is a sellout , can some one pls tell me what freaking talent she has!!! Sucks as a actress and everything else I'm so glad she is no longer on idol ... Yay


I never understood why they put this talentless, worthless piece of waste as an idol judge. It's like having a monkey judge humans. She is overrated, over paid and just a big slut, thank heavens Marc dumped her and screwed other women. I dislike this jlo joke, her fake hair and ass and auto tuned crap, pls go away u skank. It's no wonder all the men cheat on her she is a fake


I feel bad for her! She so wishes she was on her 20's.. she must be going through a mid life crisis and menopause


stupid dceanrs !!!first,holding her with one hand. . . and then,3:30-3:40,can`t dress her!stupid!Tell me if you would be angry too?????


She's beautiful! She's talented! Stop hating!


Ive never like her to begin with. Shes always been a sell out. I think its funny how she made a song saying "im real" and nothing about her has ever been real. She cant be "herself" at all who ever shes with she tries and "fits in" with that culture. Not to mention I dont think she has any vocal skills at all! People at the awards must forget there are kids that watch this also!


grow old with grace man! It looks so much better! A woman of class will be remembered long after a women with ass! Seriously what is she thinking?? She is beautiful! Please grow up Ms Lopez there are better dance moves than that hahaha try breaking lol b the oldest b-girl instead dahhhhaha


Jlo was spectacular. Her choreography and her dancing was done professionally. Stop being haters. Only confident women can appreciate the beauty, intelligence and business sense of this woman. So sorry for women in their twenties who think they are the sexiest and most beautiful. A real woman starts to feel confidant about her sexuality in her 40's. Twenty year olds can not compete with women 40 and up in any category. More power to JLO. Live life to the fullest!


I'd pound it for days and not pull out!