Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner: It's Over!

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The wedding is off for Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner.

Just three months after the couple announced their engagement, news broke today that the couple has called off those plans, with no explanation given.

Her rep says, "Jack and Heather are no longer engaged."

Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner Photo

The two, who started dating in 2007 after she divorced Richie Sambora, were last seen together in September celebrating her 50th birthday in Hawaii.

Locklear stepped out solo to the Breaking Dawn premiere Monday night in Hollywood, walking the event's black carpet without her engagement ring.

Here's wishing them both the best going forward.


13? For serious? Way to make me feel like a cotpleme sexual deviant. And not in a good way, either. You are doing a wonderful job raising your daughter Ms. Locklear and Mr. Sambora. Oh, and since you obviously don't mind the slut wear, Heather, you might prefer a good pair of over the knee boots for yourself.


@ getting wrinkly - could you not restrain yourself from posting such a rude comment?


Interesting photo. Her midsection looks like a Shar-pei, or a rug that was flooded. Effectively two muffin tops...and her chest. Wow, I used to remember when she was hot. Probably no one hits on her any more, and she can't deal...


I am actually sad this one didn't work out. I grew up watching both of them, their chemistry on Melrose Place was great so I was happy to see them as a real life couple. I thought finally maybe an older Hollywood couple would make it last, guess I was wrong.


I used to really like Heather but her continuous latching on to this one and that one has changed my perspective of her. I used to believe she was a strong independent woman but she goes through men like she does underware. Jack probably wasn't challenging enough for her...nor famous and in the limelight enough. She just reminds me another Pamela Anderson... Shameful!


thought they'd been over for a while. haven't they already been linked to other people.


Wish both the very best.

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