Dirty Soap Season Finale Recap: Let's Go Camping and Talk About Relationships!

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On the season finale of Dirty Soap, Fary tried to set Nadia Bjorlin up with a guy, JP and Farah hit a turning point in their relationship, and everyone went camping.

Kelly Monaco, meanwhile, prepares for life after General Hospital - funny that this is a new reality show about a declining genre - by better building up her brand.

Whatever that means. She's trying to branch out, let's just leave it at that.

Also, Kirsten Storms (pictured) is still MIA, but not forgotten. Get well girl.

Kirsten Storms Picture

Tension between John-Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath begins early when he says, at a group dinner, that he will never wear a wedding ring. Passive-aggressive much?

Farah gets upset, and asks if he’s scared to move out to L.A. with her. He says she is the only reason he would move there, but still seems willing to take the plunge.

Brandon Beemer plans a fun, totally non-scripted-by-E! camping trip for the gang to attend. Everyone, sans Kirsten of course, sets up camp near the beach to chill.

There, Farah’s friend Danny asks Nadia about her mom and Brandon, and if her mother Fary is one of the reasons why she and Brandon aren't already married.

She says yes, basically, and he tells her to live life for her, no one else. Farah talks with Jenna about being career oriented and managing work and family life.

Kelly Monaco interjects, saying she would love to be a mother one day.

Kelly, of course, never married her ex after a 17-year relationship. She says while she firmly believes in commitment, it’s not a necessity to have a piece of paper.

The men, meanwhile, are all on Brandon’s side. The Beemer admits he fears their relationship is not going to work out if Nadia believes anything that Fary says.

Farah basically just wants to know if JP will marry her. He's not saying.

Dirty Soap Cast

Then the elephant in the room comes to visit around the fire. The future of daytime TV is tepid at best and the gang does not know what lies ahead for them.

Talk then turns to Kirsten Storms. girl who took over for Kirsten on General Hospital is good, but she’s not Kirsten. No word on her health. They toast her honor.

Danny stars meddling, getting on JP for not popping the question, then riling up Farah while she's drunk and making her cry over the prospect of JP not proposing.

Good friend right there.

He does get them to talk, however. JP says he wants to spend his life with her and all that, but she wants him to tell her flat out if he doesn’t want to get married.

JP's response? He just wants to hang out. Wrong answer. Farah tells him she’s going to break up with him. JP doesn’t want to, but it looks like he has no choice.

The next morning, he comes around and decides life without her is too sad to risk losing her over this. He says one day they will get married. She's like, thrilled.

Nadia Bjorlin, Brandon Beemer

Kelly meets a guy to help her expand her brand. She begins to educate herself on clothing lines and meets with a designer at a convention whose line she may rep.

Then the most awkward moment of all time. Nadia meets Fary for lunch and finds that her mom has brought Fernando along to meet her. She's being set up.

Nadia texts Brandon to meet them as Fary talks Fernando up. He starts flirting with Nadia pretty good too. But then Brandon shows up, much to Fary’s chagrin.

Needless to say, lunch ends abruptly. Brandon and Nadia talk about how to handle this going forward, and he's clearly thrown off by it, but they're still okay.

This woman clearly needs to be cut off - no one with any respect for their kid treats them like that - but we'll see if they've got the guts to stand up to her.

And there you have it. Until next season, hopefully ...

What did you think of the season finale of Dirty Soap? And the season as a whole? Who are your favorites and least favorites? Comment below!


I loved dirty soap too,but they didn't get picked up for a new season...I'm actually really sad cause I was looking forward to what happens next to all the cast members...specially the whole Kirsten storms deal and her issues with Farah =(


I love Dirty Soap. Is it coming back on if so when?


I loved dirty soap, nice to see true life emotions from these actors. Hope kristen storms gets well soon!


To sally, I just wanted to say I deff think ur wrong by saying they are all better actors then real life ppl. Cause I deff believe Galonand his wife are awsome, an go through what many relationships would in their situation. Now as far as Farha and KRisten yes those two do need to grow up a bit n get away from the highschool crud, but also we dont know the whole story, ok just my 2 cents lol


When will it b airing again and will it b the same cast


When is it coming back? Love the Show...


I love this show, so interesting to see what their real lives are like. My favorites are Brandon and Nadia, I'm a big fan of days of Our Lives. I think Nadias mother needs to leave them alone and let them be happy. As far as Farah and Kristin they need to work their friendship out, crazy to hold a grudge that long. Get over it.


Love this series! Mark and Kelly please keep it going! Been trying to find out when it will start with a new season. Hopefully soon. JP and Farrah you are great together. Brandon and Nadia you need to live your lives without letting Fary interfere. Nadia it's great that you are so understanding with your mother, but you have got to stand up for yourself and Brandon or it will never work. Brandon's patience shows just how true his love for you is. Kelly is strong and smart and I hope to keep watching her on GH for a long time! Kirsten, hope you are getting better and your brother is safe. Galen your family is beautiful, cherish them and keep in tune with your wife. Here's to the next season coming soon!


Love Farah and JP but honey please dress like the hot man you are
Hope the show comes back please let us know asap!


You are all much better actors than you are real life people.
None of you are particularly pleasant individuals... such a shame for all of your devouted fans to fnd this out! You all take yourselves much too seriously... or perhaps you simply need to all grow up some. Very sad.

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