Dirty Soap Recap: More Monster-in-Law Drama

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This week on Dirty Soap, tension lingered between John-Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath, while Nadia Bjorlin and Brandon Beemer finally confronted her mother.

Kelly Monaco? She made a General Hospital fan's life.

Kirsten Storms? She's still MIA. Get well girl.

We begin with Farah and JP. She is basically doing the overbearing thing, in his mind, trying to get him to change up his wardrobe and the like (although let's be honest, he could use a little help), and he's being pushed to the edge.

John-Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath

When you tell the camera your girl "sucks the life force out of you," that's generally not a good sign for a relationship. Clearly she has a strong and difficult personality.

Brandon suggests he pick his battles, but he's got a different situation on his hands where he might want to try that. Of course, it's hard to tell off your girl's mother.

Luckily, Farah gets the hint and promises she'll try to back off JP a bit.

Nadia's mom Fary, however? That resolution is less likely to happen.

Brandon’s parents are coming for a visit, and Fary doesn't respect them ... he’s garbage and came from garbage. Brutal stuff right there, but she's a brutal individual.

Fary bails with some lame excuse, driving home the fact that she doesn't like the Beemers. They decide it's time to have a talk with Fary, but it doesn't go too well.

She accuses BB of being low class and possibly dealing drugs. Really.

Nadia, to her credit, stands up for her man in the face of this crap, even as things blow up to the point where her mom storms out and she's in tears. What a fiasco.

Just when you thought YOUR mother-in-law sucked, right guys! Yeesh!

Kelly Monaco feels bad about not being there for her BFF Lauren, who was battling cancer. She promises to make it up to her, or at least to set things right somehow.

The friends make up, and Kelly takes a leukemia patient to the General Hospital set, where she informs her that - OMG - she will be part of the show for the day.

Mikayla gets the VIP treatment, from hair and makeup and photos with Kelly. Mikayla then gets a script for the day, which involves a quick scene with Jason Cook.

For Kelly, this was a proud mama moment, and deservedly so.

What did you think of this week's Dirty Soap episode? What kind of crazy drama will unfold on the season finale next week? Comment below!


Nadia's mother is a disgrace to all mothers. This woman is so low class I don't even have the words to go that low. I blame Nadia a lot she seems to smirk a lot, it almost seems like she thinks it's funny what Bradon has to endure. Put the shoe on the other foot ladies, Fary how would you feel if someone treated your precious daughter the way you are treating Bradon and Nadia, can you imagine if you were treated that way by Bradon's parents. Stand up for your self and Bradon. Stop saying it's hard, you are encouraging her pathetic, disgusting behaviour.


Nadia's mom is obviously an overprotective and attempting to be controlling to the point of being manipulative. You have to admit, she's entertaining. I don't take her very seriously, mainly because it seems like Nadia doesn't either. But while that may be the case, the woman is still her mother, so she shows her the respect a parent deserves. I completely understand this conflict since my mother is not too far from Fary. But I've learned to let it all roll off my back and not take any of it too seriously, which is a huge frustration to my mom. I think Nadia may have mastered that little trick as well. However, Brandon needs to lay off Nadia and stop being so sensitive about it. If your girlfriend doesn't even take her mom very seriously, why should you? In some ways, I understand why Fary may have some concerns. He doesn't respect her as Nadia's mother, and he's far too sensitive about the entire situation. Stop being a wuss! Your girlfriend has more balls!


ABSOLUTELY, Take FARY OFF!!! She is one of the most hateful, spiteful, rude, obnoxious, interfering women I have ever had the displeasure of seeing!! Who does she think she is? No one would even know her name if not for her daughter being an actress and therefore taking part in this show!! I feel so badly for Nadia, and Mother or not, Nadia should tell her to hit the road!!! There is NO WAY I would EVER allow my mother to speak to the man I love that way! The woman is classless, and yes, her actions show that she herself is trashy! She also comes across as quite the liar!! And, how dare she sit herself on a throne judging other people, then become angry if someone has the nerve to ask her to have respect for her daughter's life and choice of boyfriend?? I would put the woman in the wind.and PLEASE, E NETWORK, kick the woman off the show!!!! I understand you think she provides friction for people to watch, however, this woman just actually makes me nauseaus!! She is just disgusting!!!


Pito, I agree with you completely, although I will say, I worked in a salon where the gay owner was very much like the gay men in this show. He was also an extremely toxic individual like the men in this show. So, it may be stereotypical, but these types of gays do exist. (On the opposite side, I also have gay friends who are sweet, wonderful, thoughtful guys---nothing at all like the salon owner. I quit that salon, by the way---too much tension and drama created by that nasty man.) Just as you said, the fact that Farah chooses these types to hang with is reason enough to dislike her. And she should thank her lucky stars that JP isn't a more mature man. A mature man would never put up with these loser guys hanging around constantly in his home, butting into his and Farah's PRIVACY. Do they not have lives of their own or is it that Farah's the only one left who will tolerate them?


One thing that really disturbs me about this show are the two stereotypical gay friends of Farah. Danny (is that with a Y or an IE?) especially, since he has a bigger role, but they are both nauseating. I was so happy when someone told him to mind his own business. Not all gay men are effeminate, nosy, interfering and trying to get their friends' eggs so they can have children. OMG! That is so scary that Farah would give him eggs and Danny could be someone's daddy. That child is going to be one sorry baby. Farah's choice in friends is enough for me not to like her. This show is an insult to gay people. I would really like to see one show on TV where gay people are not horrible stereotypes. By the way, he "created" a lip balm with Viagra as an ingredient? That is illegal! He probably crushed up his own prescription and used it in the lip balm. Someone please notify the authorities and have him arrested. That shows you what a complete moron he is - as if there wasn't enough evidence!


Nadia mother have a narcisist personality desorder, she dosen't care about anybody she only care about her self she is to old to find a milionare man than she thinks Brandon is not good enough for her doughter because he isen't a milionare man. Her doughter is beuthiful but she needs to be whith a man she realy love. Poor Brandon a know how hard it is to need to deal whith this because my husband is a narcisist person nothing is good enough for does people.


I really enjoy watching Dirty Soap! My only disgust is Fary. She needs to learn to respect her child and Brandon. She calls him names and speaks about his family as if they a trash. She is rude and crude, and Nadia needs to stand up for herself, and tell her mom to buzz off! She is an adult and can lead her own life, without Mommy trying to make her decisions for who should be in her life. I know Nadia is afaid to speak up to her mom, but if she lets it go, Fary will run her mouth for the rest of Nadia's life. Fary should get a life for herself, but men probably back off because she is so rude all of the time. She is a Beautiful woman, and needs someone who will tell her that, maybe she will soften up a bit. If Brandon and Nadia are destined to be together they will and Fary will ahve to accept it!!!! Good Luck!! A big fan in Maui


I love Fray, she tells it like non dares to tell it :) she is funny! she is a handful and hard to predict- I bet when they agreed to have the cameras there they never ever thought that she would open her mouth with such directness and tell Brandon off --
Maybe she has seen something from Brandon that makes her hate him so bad, there is a reason why she hates this guy, I can just see it, she sees her girl Nadia so pretty so much potential and sees this -hunk of meat- granted he is a good looking hunk of meat- but what else is he offering?? there must be a reason why he is hated,
She makes the show so interesting to watch, when watching her, I know there is no acting and its all real- more Nadia and her mom, more JP - and the other eyecandy -- form Days--


I feel like we are missing something because I do NOT understand why Fary hates Brandon so much. He seems to be very nice to Nadia, so I don't know why there is so much hostility from Fary towards Brandon, did he drown Nadia's cat at some point, where does all this hostility come from. Very odd. JP is annoying, I'm sorry he seems soooo immature and I'm not sure how old he is but good god, I would be annoyed with his behavior. But yes Farah is overbearing, but what girl in her 20's isn't when it comes to their boyfriend. I miss Kirsten.


For starters, I've said this once already but (trust me!!!!!) it NEEDS to be said AGAIN for a 2nd time...Brandon Beemer is a REAL COOL DUDE!!!!! HOLLA!!!!! Also, I think that Brandon's mom should go right up to Nadia's INSUFFERABLE MOMMIE DEAREST and KNOCK HER LIGHTS OUT!!!!! When my mom was alive, she had her moments (BOTH good and bad). But, my mom was NEVER EVER that unpleasant, vile or disrespectful!!!!! Nadia's mom is a CONTROL FREAK GONE WILD!!!!! The Bottom Line: Someone needs to get Nadia's VILE WINDBAG of a mother UNDER CONTROL...FAST!!!!! And, To Fary: GET A LIFE YOU CONTROLLING BITCH!!!!!

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