Teresa Giudice Lashes Out at Cast Members, Quits Twitter

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It's a very sad day for all of mankind: Teresa Giudice has dropped out of Twitter.

Following a recent spat with Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Jacqueline Laurita, Giudice made the tragic announcement today on her blog, writing:

"I don't think it's a very healthy place to be right now. (I just can't take anyone who's suddenly friends again with Kim G. seriously, sorry!), so I'm going to slowly slip out of it and maybe take a little break for a while."

Teresa Giudice on RHONJ

Laurita, of course, referred to Teresa as "scum" a couple days ago because she believes her castmate helped spread a rumor that Melissa Gorga once worked as a stripper and... seriously, why would anyone care about this?!?

Giudice says she's been blindsided by the entire feud, blogging:

"The whole time we were filming [season 3], I had no idea what other people were saying about me. I just assumed they were all my friends."

After all, that's what the script called for her to assume.

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Teresa, do you even hear the shit u say is your ass jelouse of the shit coming out of your mouth seriously. You are the biggest liar i have ever watched on tv in my life. Do you even read the court documents or watch the show? If there is a Karma i pray for your saftey.


Amaris, I totally agree with you cc Carolyn. It seems if you talk to someone she didn't like, you were out of her circle. BUT, she invited Kathy to her Christmas party knowing she and Theresa didn't talk. Carolyns way or the highway. I really like Melissa and think she is trying hard to keep peace in the family. I truly hope Theresa decides to make peace again. I was shocked to see she didn't go to little Joeys birthday party. I'm listening to "On Display" while I'm typing this. I listen to it and a couple other songs while I ride my bike.


OMG are you kidding me? Teresa has been ganged up on. Joe was the problem. He called her trash and beated on the table. Are you serious???? Teresa didn't do anything wrong and her husband had every right to defend her!


This is for Teresa! I have re-watched the Christening show many times. It was obvious to me, and should have been to everyone else watching that you did nothing wrong that day. Your brother actually
started the fight by yelling and beating his fists on the table. As far as cousin Kathy telling you that you left your child alone, it was actually Melissa that said she didn't even know where her kids were at! Why isn't Kathy blaming all of the adults that were fighting and out of control?


Theresa needs to understand what joking is, versus what insulting people out in public means. She appears to come off as being a dumb witt on The House Wives. Malania is a child with a behavioral problem. It will only get worse and probably become a real issue in a school setting. Theresa needs to have the child diagnosed through her pediatrician to see whether Malania is ADHD, Oppositional Defient, Conduct distorder or even Aspergers. The child is actually inflicting pain on the other sisters. Theresa needs parenting classes along with Joe. Joe seems indifferent as to work, family and friends. Suggestion, therapy for the whole family!


Teresa is "crazy"! I hope she doesn't have anymore children. What's wrong with them? beside being spoiled to death. "dam Girl"!


I have a feeling someone will have enough of Teresa's jealous, spiteful and backhanded comments and there will be a smack down to end all smack downs. Once that happens, I will officially tune out as that will be the ultimate climatic event to end NJHW! I'm disapointed that Caroline won't be returning. Even though she kind of annoys me at times with her 'holier than though bumper-sticker' sayings, she's the only one that balances the crazy in that show!


This use to be a great show, now everytime I watch it, it's jus so sad...Teresa's whole family feud....the women all gaining up on her now that danielle left...I guess now teresa is the villain...cmon....If the show doesn't change, it should just get canceled so these women can focus on their own lives and children.....this show is just filled with greed, envy, and hate, its a disgrace..all these women do is attack each other, cmon.....


***I mean the brother in law of melissa, who @ joe and melissa's xmas party, asked joe, in his annoying voice for the $1,000 back joe borrowed from him....smh.....melissa's brother in law is a lil fig...joe coulda snap him in half...lol


I think melissa and kathy are jus money hungry and are jelous of teresea.....AND I can't stand melissa's brother in law...The one @ the christmas party as joe if he had the money he borrowed? Joe shoulda punched him in the neck....that dude is a little weasel and he's voice is annoying.....lmao

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