Sister Wives Recap: So Much Jealousy!

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"Sometimes, I don't like this."

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    I am so curious about the private side of plural marriage. I can't imagine going to bed at night knowing my husband is "sleeping" with one of the other wives. It's not normal to be ok with that. Don't they wonder if he does the same with them as he does with you. Sorry, it's incredibly personal I know, but I can't help but wonder.


    I always wonder if part of his manipulation is that he tells each of the wives that they are his favorite and he will eventually commit to them? Wouldn't doubt it is part of his nightly routine


    The family from 19 kids and counting is a world different that these goofs... They actually put 110% into all 19 of their kids and have a great normal monogamous marriage. polygamists are living in total deial of the root problem/reason they "need" all these wives- that being A sex addiction, controlling women, pedophilia fantasies, boredom. Kody is just plain selfish and insensitive, and I beg anyone to disagree with me!


    Why should we tolerate a lifestyle that oppresses women and neglects children? It's ridiculous to say "it's none of your business" or "then don't watch the show!"

    If I see a child being neglected then hell yes I care about that. If I see women being treated as second-class citizens in 2011 then hell yes I care about that.

    Oh and by the way, yes you ARE paying for their lifestyle. Check the public records-- at least 2 of the wives are on welfare.


    Kody is having kids recklessly. I wouldn't have a problem with this lifestyle if he had multiple wives and a reasonable number of kids. The environment and economy is already terrible as it is. People don't need to keep making more people as the last few generations that are holding all of the jobs haven't died off yet. SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE A LAW AGAINST HAVING TOO MANY KIDS BECAUSE IT'S A DRAIN ON RESOURCES!

    That, and nobody seems happy. They claim to be happy, but you can tell on their faces that they aren't. Kody needs to get his head out of his butt and pay attention to the women that he already sees. Dude better not get another wife anytime soon.

    Also, wouldn't it be easier for them to be sisters if they had a joined household?

    If you all have a problem with my comment, who cares. I'm just stating the reality of this situation. Half of you Christians are just as judgemental as non-religious people.


    Women aka Sister terms of ya'll being/feeling jealous...WHAT IN THE HELL DID YA'LL EXPECT????? ALL OF YA'LL knew EXACTLY what ya'll were getting yourselves into when ya'll EACH became a wife of Kody Brown (who I think is a total DIRTBALL)!!! Ladies, these are YOUR consequences!!! Therefore, DEAL WITH THEM!!!!!


    What is going on here, what women would want to be sloppy second or third or fourth,,,,etc, it is gross, he is a sleaze bag


    The women are all jealous of each other can't you see that? How do you have all this & no Job whos paying for the baby??? You need to get that hair cut also pay att to the kids you have not the women all the time!!!!!


    I think all your wives are very jealous of each other there struggling real bad!! Why do you want to do this?? By the way get that hair cut!!!!


    I would love to see this family split up. It's do dysfunctional and he needed Robin like he needed a hole in his head. These women (except Robin) are so unhappy and it's not only obvious in their words and faces but in the weight they are all gaining. Meri was thin, now she's heavy and Christine and Janelle are huge compared to the first season. I feel bad for the women. Hope they stick up for themselves. Meri is happy she lives on her sure so are others...Nuff said!

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