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Disguised and appearing via video link, Casey Anthony was deposed Saturday morning in a defamation suit filed against her by Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez.

Gonzalez claims she is unemployed and ostracized because Anthony originally told police that a woman with the same name kidnapped her daughter, Caylee.

Investigators proved that Gonzalez had nothing whatsoever to do with the case and that Casey fabricated Zanny the Nanny, but the damage was done.

So claims Gonzalez, who is suing her for defamation.

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In this weekend’s deposition, Casey Anthony answered few questions and her attorney repeatedly invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Attorney John Morgan, who represents Gonzalez, said Casey wore a Philadelphia Philllies cap, “gigantic sunglasses” and what appeared to be a long, dark wig.

“She clearly did not want to be there,” Morgan said in response to a question about the acquitted murder suspect’s mood, but was “composed” and “courteous.”

Casey Anthony’s location was not revealed.

Anthony answered general questions, such as whether she was present during her trial and whether she was in court for her attorney’s opening statement.

But more specific questions, predictably, were shut down and met with the Fifth Amendment assertion by Casey’s Orlando-based attorney, Charles Greene.

“Deep breathing, nostrils flaring,” Morgan said of her demeanor. The questioning lasted about 45 minutes. “We didn’t want to turn this into a 2-hour circus.”

“We asked enough questions and got her to invoke the Fifth enough times that we feel we can file a motion to a judge to compel her to answer [more].”

“We didn’t want to go bit by bit through [all the Anthony case details such as] the trunk and the chloroform; that would have served no purpose.”

Morgan plans to file said motion in the next week.

She is in Florida serving probation in a check fraud case. Other than that, little is known about Anthony’s whereabouts, or what she’s been up to lately.

We know she’s not working or in school.