Sister Wives Recap: The Talk, Polygamy Style!

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If last week's Sister Wives season premiere taught us anything, it's that life in a polygamist household entails a different spin on some of life's rites of passage.

Case in point from last night's episode: "The Talk."

As in the talk about s-e-x. How does a man with four wives and 17 kids (or something, we lost count) broach this topic? What values does Kody Brown instill?

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In the living room of one of the family's new Nevada homes, the Brown Bomber took charge, telling the kids he doesn't want them to date in high school.

That did not exactly go over well.

"You should not be sexual until you've graduated high school ever," he said, adding that he'd "prefer" they wait until marriage to become sexually active.

"I don't really want to talk about my daughters marrying ... or dating," Brown says later. Understandable, given that he's married four people's daughters.

Meanwhile, Kody, Janelle and Christine are all looking for new jobs and decided to look into real estate. Wouldn't you know it, their realtor needs help.

They need to wait six weeks to get their licenses, but the trio helped set up some open houses and appeared to enjoy it at least. We wish them luck.

The most significant development last night was when Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn, dealt with a scary possibility regarding her pregnancy.

Kody and Robyn were facing a miscarriage head-on.

The pair announced they were expecting last week, but Robyn said she'd had some "symptoms" and wanted to head to the doctor as a precaution.

Kody and Robyn were "emotional devastated" thinking of the unthinkable, but after a tense few moments, the little one's heartbeat came through.

Filled with relief, Robyn started crying. Kody texted a worried Meri to let her know the good news. All is right in Casa Brown, at least for one week.

What did you think of this week's Sister Wives? Can he really stop the kids from dating? How many kids is too many? Will they be good realtors?


Is there really no jealousy between the wives?


just ran across this does he get away with having all these wives?


i think the show is great and again they are grown adults. if this is how they choose to live then dont bother them. they are not forcing their beliefs on you. if you so boldly disagree then dont watch the show. myself, i really think i would like living a life they have. thats my personal thoughts.


The more I watch the show, the more it makes me depressed. I see this as one sad group of people. They say the are family, I say bull pucky!
I'm beginning to think the "real" reason they "ran" from Utah was because they were committing some type of fraud ( welfare and insurance possibly) and that could lead to felon convictions for all the adults and child taken by the state. Janelle most likely had some inside advice to get them all out; and boy did they run fast, run fast in guilt I feel! Just my opinion!


i just started watching this show like a couple days ago, when I first saw it I was disgusted! Then as I learned more and more about it I still find it Disgusting! All the wives claim that Cody is such a good father, but he's not! He's never doing anything for them, nor anything for HIMSELF! Someone is constantly doing something for HIM! I hope all the kids get the hell out of there when they can! They are all just thinking of theirselves, not the kids. Cody keeps complaining how they have a investigation going, well probably because its freaking ILLEGAL!!!! I hope they get charged this is crap! I feel so sorry for the kids. I don't know why I keep watching this, I guess I just hope that the women end up leaving his sorry


I totally agree with you, Gloria! It would be interesting to see how secure Kody would feel if he knew his wives were having sex with other men.
I am so disgusted with this show. Yet, I can't stop watching because I'm hoping that at least one of them will wake up and let him have it!!
I would like to say to the wives, there are plenty of men out there. You don't have to settle with sharing one.


I have to say this. Every time I see this crazy show...Kody states in the opening, " love should be multiplied not divided". I say... GREAT, lets get these wives 3 more husbands each. Spread the love.


I am watching this in Galway,in the west of Ireland, Europe, and we are way behind (Cody is only now facing hassle from state) !! I have to say, it is fascinating. Would I condone it ?....I am a person who believes in live and let live. Would I enter into a relationship like that...ha ha ha NO !!!


Yeah....just say it is a religion and you can get away with it. He sure is a smooth talker. So the women are getting jobs now. And just what type of job does he do to support three wives and 16 children? What I really want to see is this family....20 years from now.


@Carle - Way to slander the Duggars. They aren't even here to defend themselves. Until I see proof of your smears, I will believe you are lying and the Duggars are still the sweet, loving family they are.

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