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A HUGE offer just surfaced for the Tupac sex tape … but it has nothing to do with Shakur receiving oral relief. Peeps just want the song playing in the background!

A million-dollar offer has been made by the CEO of NOHO, which is seeking to acquire all rights to the unreleased Tupac track playing in the background of the tape.

That’s right. One million for an unreleased Tupac track.

Tupac and Beyonce

It’s not even clear who owns the rights to that Tupac song, but the company (which makes an anti-hangover drink), has flat-out offered to buy them straight up.

The track would then be the official theme song for the beverage. Obvi. This is absurd for any number of reasons, but let’s just list a few of them below …

  1. So far, no one’s offered more than $150,000 for the 2Pac tape.
  2. Tupac’s estate, led by mom Afeni Shakur, will never consent.
  3. The aforementioned CEO has not even heard the track yet.