Rob Kardashian Sexes Up Cheryl Burke, Dances Into Second Place

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Rob Kardashian has said he's in it to win it on Dancing With the Stars. We laughed that off a few weeks back, but are now starting to believe him.

Clad in a lime green shirt and black trousers, the 24-year-old got his sexy on with partner Cheryl Burke in front of the judges ... and sister Khloe.

Clearly it worked. Bruno raved that "Rob the heart throb" had finally come out, while Khloe Kardashian could not contain herself on Twitter:

"Wow!!!! Robert did so f****ng amazing!!!! Wow!!!!! Every single week he is improving!!!! So proud!!!" his 27-year-old sister wrote after the show.

Rob can thank hard work, Cheryl's guidance and BFF / former USC schoolmmate / DWTS standout contestant Romeo, who offered his tutelage.

Romeo came by the studio to teach Rob "how to be sexy." It seems to have worked, as his 25 points tied him with David Arquette for second.

Who do you think will win this season? Vote in our poll below:


I just love cheryl.Her and Rob are great together.I hope they win. Cheryl can make anyone who dances with her look sexy on the dance floor.


Rob....Don't listen to Kim above! You are doing awesome. This experience has been just what you needed to come into "your own". Be proud and know your family are all delighted with your progress. Hope you ar meeting new people...not just people who want to party all the time drinking.


Rob and Cheryl team is one of my favorites. Under Cheryl tutelage, Rob has improved tremendously..getting more confident each week and coming out of his shyness. Cheryl is great in making her dance partners shine throughout the competition and am voting for them every week. Rob and Cheryl are a hot and attractive couple in this competition! Love Rob's goofy personality which makes their rehearsals more fun to watch!


rob is the BIGGEST loser!!! As much as I can not stand his sisters Rob is awful. I bet his dad is so ashamed of his son!!

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