Herman Cain Sort of Supports Electric Fence on U.S. Border With Mexico

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Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain is sorry, kind of, and says he was kidding, sorta, for a recent comment about an electric fence protecting the U.S.

Suddenly a bona fide contender for his party's nomination in '12, the Georgia businessman is now facing more intense scrutiny as his poll numbers surge up.

As such, his off-the-cuff comments are coming back to bite him at times ... such as when he called for an electric fence along the U.S. border with Mexico.

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Campaigning in Arizona, Herman Cain appeared with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an aggressive anti-immigration proponent. "It was a joke," Cain said.

"I apologize if I offended anyone. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa."

However, the Phoenix New Times reports it might not be a joke. Cain doesn't want to offend anyone ... but he was kinda serious about the electric deal:

"I don't like to offend anyone, however, I don't apologize for using a combination of a fence. And it might be electrified, I'm not walking away from that."

"I don't want to offend anybody. It was a joke to an extent, but I fully intend to do what we need to do because I'm sensitive to our citizens being hurt."

So he supports it, unless you don't? Spoken like a true politician.

Cain told an audience Saturday that his border fence is "going to be electrified. And there is going to be a sign on the other side that says, 'It will kill you.'"

Well, at least he would put a sign up, right?

Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-Texas), who chairs the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, took issue with the presidential contender's remarks. Gonzalez said:

"Words have consequences, both in shaping ideas and inspiring actions. Whether or not he made his comments in jest, Mr. Cain's words show a lack of understanding of the immigration issues our country is facing and a staggering lack of sensitivity."

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