Ricki Lake: Dancing With the Stars' Gold Standard

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One point. That's all that separated Ricki Lake from perfection last night.

Taking over the top spot for the second straight week on Dancing With the Stars, Lake bested her nearest competitor, J.R. Martinez, by three whole points.

Say what you will about her Hairspray background, it takes quite a display to execute a near-flawless tango to the music from ... Psycho. Ricki did just that.

Clad in black along with partner Derek Hough, Lake showed some astounding body control, precise steps and the perfect level of emotion for the routine.

Watch her performance here and tell us if you think she'll win it all:




This might sound mean, but I really mean nothing bad by what I'm about to say. The not stick thin contestants on DWTS tend to be worse dancers (Marie Osmond, Bristol Palin, etc), so I think DWTS might have wanted Derek to not have such a strong partner so he doesn't win a 4th time. However, I think the producers were wrong for judging a book by its cover. Clearly, Kristin Callavari was one of the frontrunners and was given to Mark who has only won once. Same with Hope and Maks (who keeps going to the finals and never wins!!!!). But who frickin knew that RICKI ROCKS MY SOCKS! (and America's). She's so talented, beautiful, and graceful! Love love her so much


If Ricki Lake continues like she did with the "Psycho" theme, she should win it. I would never have guessed she would be so good. Derek gets the best out whomever he has as a partner. I think the females have more difficult steps than males. But I also think J.R. is very good. Chaz has no business there. There's plenty of other places to push an agenda. But it appears this year, more than ever, it's not a dancing competition.
Too bad, as this is probably the beginning of the end of a good show. They are making that choice.


Brilliant performance. Ricki has surprised me with her dancing ability!

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