Rachel Uchitel: Pregnant!!

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Rachel Uchitel is pregnant with her first child, according to reports.

Tiger Woods' O.G. mistress just married Matt Hahn in Las Vegas last month. Now they're already starting a family, which she found out in an interesting way.

According to an insider, "She found out she was pregnant when she auditioned for The Amazing Race. They were going to try out to be a couple on the show."

"When she had a drug test, it came back positive - she's pregnant!" At that point, Rachel Uchitel decided to pull out ... ironically, because Matt Hahn did not.

Rachel Uchitel in a Bikini
Rachel Uchitel and Husband

Matt Hahn has done the unthinkable: Knock up Rachel Uchitel.

A Life & Style source confirms that the two plan to have an even bigger wedding after the baby arrives. Rache, 36, and Matt, 26, live together in San Francisco.

Rachel became a household name after her affair with Tiger Woods was exposed in November 2009. She later appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

She was treated there for "love addiction" and hilariously never mentioned Woods by name, but was still threatened with a lawsuit over her appearance.

Congratulations, mostly, to Uchitel and Hahn on the big news!

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GROSS. But the pull out joke was very well timed. Bravo lol




She's married!!! NON-NEWS !


I wish they wouldnt give this ugly goldigger whore any publicity. YUK!!!!


Ho sit down!
I don't care how much she claims to have changed, you'll always be a low life whore! Not because she slept with a married man, but because she told! Why? Because she wanted to be famous! What type of scandalous person would break up a home-happy home or not-for-profit some money?! This low-life trick!
Who cares that she is pregnant? Whores get pregnant all the time!


Man her face looks rough. I couldn't stand her on Celebrity Rehab. Karma will come back to her. I only know of 2 married & famous men she slept with, there are probably more. What goes around comes around.

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