Rachel Uchitel and Matt Hahn: Married!

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Looks like Tiger Woods' notorious #1 mistress is officially off the market.

Yes, Rachel Uchitel got married. Yes, Matt Hahn apparently went there.

Documents from Clark County, Nevada, show that Rachel and Matt got a marriage license Sunday night, then filed it with the court the next day at 8:58 a.m.

Guess she wasn't screwing around ... for once in her freaking life.

Rachel Uchitel and Matt Hahn

Rachel Uchitel married Matt Hahn! Congrats, we suppose!

Matt Hahn was a football player at Penn State and is now a businessman in San Francisco. They've been living together in the city by the bay for several months.

At 26, Matt is 10 years younger than the professional adulterer.

Rachel Uchitel has been engaged twice - her first fiance died in the 9/11 attacks in 2001 - and married once before, to some guy for a few months in 2004.

Hopefully this one works out for her and Matt ... although we have our doubts with a chick who gets around so prolifically and scandalously. Call us crazy.

Matt Hahn, Rachel Uchitel
Matt Hahn Picture
Matt Hahn and Rachel Uchitel
Rachel Uchitel, Husband

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


wow. I hope she changes and gets her life together. Now it want be about just her but about someone else. Hopefully she will not be selfish as she has in the past. It now definately is time to grow up and enter the real world.


No lo puedo creer, este man si es estupido, pero cada quien tiene derecho a hacer de su vida lo que quiiera, yo no me habria ni comido esa chocha tan usada, anyway, felicidades.




He is definately 26 dan, I went to High School with him in NY


If he's 26, I'm a kamikaze pilot.


I wish the best for them both, i would do the same to any one getting married, we all deserve a chance to change our way of life, god allows it. but I have to agree, she is famous or well known and people want to write about and take pictures of her because she slept with a celebrity, how sad. but its who you know or how you know. Kardashians became famous because of dad. could they have done it on their own. yes they are pretty, but your famous on dads tails. the way of the world. you become rich if you supposedly comment murder, or go to jail and sleep around, and I have been living the good hard working life and struggling, silly world.


hi.why you get marryied


@mara u cared enough to rant about it lol


Why would a white guy want her after what she did? Not only want, but marry?!? I wouldn't want that skank anywhere near me.


I Feel sorry for the guy! He got rotten,left over “meat�.

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