Michael Jackson's Final Words Were ...

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"I’d like to have some milk. Please, please give me some."

This request from Michael Jackson was eerily rehashed in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray Friday. Of course, it wasn't really milk he wanted.

That was MJ's name for thee powerful anesthetic Propofol, which he received via IV, and the one substance he believed offered what he desperately craved: sleep.

Farewell, Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray relayed to detectives details of Jackson's last hours in a taped police interview played to jurors. The interview took place two days after MJ died.

Murray conceded that he’d been giving Jackson Propofol almost every day, though he claims only a very small dose (25 mg) was given in the pop icon's last days.

As Jackson struggled to sleep, Murray says he urged the pop star to just close his eyes and meditate, but that seemed to work for only a few minutes at a time.

Perhaps because of energy supplements Jackson was taking from another doctor, Propofol "was the only thing that worked for him," Murray says in the recording.

"I constantly cautioned him that it was an artificially induced sleep and he needed to go back to a natural pattern" and "be on your own, with milk and cookies."

Medical professionals have testified that it is unheard of to administer Propofol in somebody’s bedroom. It is normally used as an anesthetic during surgery.

Murray told detectives that MJ insisted it was crucial he get enough sleep because he was rehearsing for his "This Is It" concert tour that was only days away.

"He complained, he was going to have to cancel the (rehearsal and possibly the tour)," Murray says. "It would not satisfy his fans if he wasn’t rested well."

"I’m trying to do it the best I can and I’m trying to get help," Murray says.

Murray says he stepped away very briefly to go to the bathroom on June 25, 2009, and when he came back, the King of Pop had stopped breathing.

He says CPR was unsuccessful, so he called 911.

He says paramedics were unable to revive Jackson, so he had him transferred to UCLA Medical Center, where doctors tried for an hour to revive him.

"I love Mr. Jackson, he was my friend and he opened up to me in different ways and I wanted to help him as much as I can," Murray told the detectives.

"I was trying to wean him off the Propofol."

Defense attorneys have made the controversial assertion that Michael Jackson himself took the fatal dose of drugs that morning when Murray left the room.

Murray's girlfriends, including Sade Anding and Nicole Alvarez, have cast doubt on that theory given their timeline of phone calls made that day, though.


We are up to over 300. That includes: at least 30 cigarrets and around 40 pieces of sharp glass. If you care about your home, children and yourselves, I beg you to help. It is what Michael would have wanted. Help me to fufill Michael's wish. Please.


We are up to over 300. That includes: at least 30 cigarrets and around 40 pieces of sharp glass. If you care about your home, children and yourselves, I beg you to help. It is what Michael would have wanted. Help me to fufill Michael's whish. Please.


I am back with news that would make Michael cry. We found 268 pices of litter on a SCHOOL PLAYGROUND!!!!! That is not exceptabel, people. So do something. If you really care about your home, nature, children, YOUR SELVES, and Michael, then do something. Thank you very much. I really hope you do something, for the better.


Michael was the greatest singer ever to walk this planet. And, in a way, he still lives. He lives in the heart and soul of every living thing, most of the people who care, really care, about the world. He never would have done anything to kill himself, even on accident. Not until he saw the world cleaned, which never did. Therefor, it was not him who killed himself. Rest In Peace, Michael, and be forever in our hearts.


Manslaughter isn't enough This guy is guilty of murder. His tapped interview in which he had two days to prepare for. None of M.J. Fingerprints found on any of the needles and all of the people who knew Jackson that testified in Murray's defense had been fired by Jackson. I smell a foul.


I loved Mj very much and i strongly believe that Mj died due to the irresponsibility of the docter,why did he call 911 after 2 long hrs,i can help astranger to get medical assistance within 30 mins why did he do that as a real docter or was he paid to finish him off by his enemies? i hope justice will prevail. Iam happy to see her kids moving on very well May God give mrs Kathrine good health and enough strength to take of the children.




There is too much controversy on what led to the king of pop's death.but i strongly believe dr murray should be held responsible,i mean it was his responsibility to make sure that MJ got the right medication at the right time..i wonder how he feels knowing that he left an irreplaceable hole to MJ's billions of dans around de globe..


Why was Michael being given Propofol anyway? It's an anesthesia for surgery and not supposed to be used in a bedroom. This was another example of a rich, powerful, star getting their way and the greedy doctor providing it for one reason only; money! It happens all the time. You have money you can get doctors to supply you anything. It happened to Elvis, Freddy Prinze and the list goes on. As for Michael it was obvious he was in need of some serious help mentally and physically and he had degenerated so far from reality by the time of his death and everyone around him enabled him for their own selfish reasons. Everyone is to blame here.


Murray is not only greedy, he seems to be stupid. I don't know how he became a doctor in the first place. Whatever possessed Michael to hire him or was he hired by the operators of the damn show? The only concern that comes thru time after time is that MJ had to do the damn show. That was it. He was a thing to all of them, their moneymaker. He should have been in rehab or a sleeping facility, but MJ shut himself off - no working phones in the house? And the security guards had to go to the nearest gas station for bathroom facilities? Michael was a genius who suffered severely from child abuse. MJ's father and Murray should share a cell in prison for the rest of their days. But they won't. I wish I knew what happened to our justice system. All that money and all that misery.

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