Lindsay Lohan Accused of Stiffing Limo Company

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What's a week without legal drama for Lindsay Lohan?

According to Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services, the alleged actress owes them quite a chunk of change. Lohan is accused of reserving limos for friends, family and herself many times in 2009, without paying of course.

We sense a theme with LiLo. The bills? About $90,000.

Lindsay Lohan Hangs Out

Lindsay Lohan: What a total boob.

Lindsay's PR rep, who's almost as busy as her lawyer, said "We haven't been served with anything, so we can't comment on a lawsuit that has not been served or seen."

Give it time. The company filed the lawsuit October 7.

Elite claims it took Lohan to airports, the Chateau Marmont Hotel, a Lakers game and drug rehab (obvi), while also providing security for her on multiple occasions.

Court documents claim Lohan's original bill was $32,515. With monthly 5 percent late charges of $58,070.79, the star's total unpaid balance is now $90,585.79.

She may not be cutting herself, but the girl has definitely cut back on expenses ... by NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING, EVER. We're onto you, girlfriend.

Cue "misunderstanding" defense in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...

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This kid is pathetic!! Addiction may very well be a disease BUT it is healed as far as the court system is involved as soon as this tramp stops breaking laws. As far as the Limo charges, if this knucklhead is worth what they pay her useless BUTT, then the Limo company is entitled to a ton of money for transporting such precious cargo.


By Now, anybody that can read know about the pros and cons of Lilo.
By all indications getting involved with Lindsay has taken the limo company on the "ride of their business career." Lindsay is Lindsay, and charging her extra fees is Not going to make the reputation of this elite limo services any better than Lindsay Lohan's reputation. I'm Just Saying!!


Lindsay's sloppy as hell.
These weekly updates on her stupidness is just sickening. I used to defend this girl back in the day, but its to the point we all just feed into her SCREAM for attention (due to her lack of movie/music making). She digusts me... Truly. (Ok I'm done. Had to vent about this sad ass child).


Lindsey Lohan needs help..someone really need to intervene and not her mom or dad..bad examples..but many celebrities should help Lindsey get her life straight..she pretty..and young and should find help to fight her demons..please Lindsey stop getting in trouble..find happiness.


I do not think that limo company have a right to charge anyone..don't care celebrity or not.6000.00 an hour..are they on drugs like Lohan..I think Lindsey should be protected from this scam..