Is Lindsay Lohan Cutting Herself?!

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You hear crazy stuff about Lindsay Lohan every day, but this is the first time we've heard she's channeling her inner Demi Lovato. Is Lindsay Lohan cutting herself?

The rumor started yesterday thanks to Perez Hilton.

Posting a pic of Lilo with an arrow pointing to her arm - and a witty scribble saying "Are u seeing this?" - the lame blogger insinuated that the train wreck was cutting harder than a Mariano Rivera fastball on the inside corner.

Lindsay Lohan, Red Dress

We wouldn't put it past her (a sad commentary on her downfall of the past few years), but is that douche Perez onto something or just stirring up drama?

Not that she or her people are the least bit credible, but the star herself called the story "ridiculous" and her rep sought to shut it down quickly as well.

"That report is completely fabricated to fill a slow news day, and possibly libelous," Steve Honig told E! News. "The only thing Lindsay is cutting is deals."

Well played, Steve Honig. Not necessarily true, as she hasn't appeared in a movie we can remember in a good couple of years, but still. Well played, sir.

As for the dude above ... we have no idea who the hell that is. But we do know this:

  1. It's not her boyfriend du jour Philipp Plein.
  2. That red dress will look hot on his floor.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


I was a cutter, and my drug abuse made things worse, when you are a cutter, you would rather feel physical pain than emotional pain, especially when you are a drug addict that is used to numbing feelings and pain with drugs and alcohol, I can identify with her so much, I was like her when I was 24, I am 32 now and my life is great, gave up the drugs, and got counseling, don't give up on LiLo, sometimes it takes alot before a person realizes its time to turn life around, good luck to her.


are you serious?lindsay is not a kid anymore.she is always identified with the wrong things and it is not in any way good for reputation.i cannot say she is a celebrity,all i can say is that she is NOTORIOUS.GET A LIFE LIN,YOU ARE WAY PAST THIS STAGE.


I'm sorry, but Lindsay Lohan being a cutter just makes her look even more ridiculous!!! Also, this is further proof that she is unable to stay out of trouble!!! Remember when she was BEYOND DISRUPTIVE on the set of Georgia Rule? FYI...I am a lifelong fan of Jane Fonda...HOLLA!!! Also, remember when she dangerously chased after her so-to-be-ex-assistant and the ex-assistant's mother right after the ex-assistant told Lindsay that she was quitting? Lindsay, you need to GROW THE HELL UP ALREADY!!! STOP cutting yourself, STOP causing trouble and (most of all) STOP chasing after married men!!!!! You're only embarrassing yourself EVEN FURTHER!!!!! And, PLEASE do something different with your hair!!! The color and (especially) the look are BOTH WRONG for you!!! YIKES!!!!!!




If she doesn't want her name in the headlines for the wrong things,
then she should try and do something right for a change. Her career
is in the toilet and she needs to stay relevant, so putting a story out about cutting ( probably by her )is no surprise. I'm sick to
death of these wannabe's, while there are so many worthy actors who are looking for work and not doing drugs, stealing or getting
arrested. She is pathetic and clueless.


I love to read comments at the end of any web-story. These folks are such brilliant experts about anything and everything they have absolutely zero direct knowledge of – including each other and their motives! Keep up the entertaining “banter�. You’re the greatest human beings on the planet!


Thats very rude to say she is "channeling her inner Demi Lovato" sure Demi did cut but she's better now! And if Lindsay does cut her self we shouldnt be making fun of her we should make sure she is being helped. I would hate to be a celebrity because apparently that means you get made fun of for every little thing you do, and every little problem you have! You gossip writers are all the same: jerks.


OK. I have to tell you people something. Cuttings and suicidal ideas ARE NOT A STORY! I get that reporters need stories for a living, I respect it. But you should not tell these type of things. You only do it because she is famous, but what if she was anyone else? A regular citizen? Would you even publish the story? Probably not. If you really care a bit of her life, try to save her, but that is not by telling the world she has that type of problems.


It's been documented that, YES she is a cutter. Very sad that this person cannot seem to mature past the age of 14.


Lets leave LL alone. I'm sure she is aware of her problems and dont need us to remind her of them. I will all come out in the wash.she has enough of a burden with her mother and father,


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