Lindsay Lohan Accused of Major Jewel Heist (Really)

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In the middle of a police investigation after being accused of stealing an expensive piece of jewelry, Lindsay Lohan just turned over a necklace to police.

Girl cannot stay out of trouble for five minutes. This incident could be much more serious than the whole rehab fight / Dawn Holland bribe scandal too.

It started last week. The owner of an L.A. store filed a police report, claiming a $5,000 necklace had been stolen from her. Suspect #1? You guessed it.

LiLo the Thief?

STOP, THIEF! It's always something with LiLo. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Store surveillance video shows Lindsay in there, wearing the necklace just before it vanished (it's unclear if the video shows her peacing out with it).

Authorities were about to obtain a warrant to search Lohan's home, but last night one of Lindsay's associates turned that piece over to the cops.

Turning in stolen property doesn't mean you didn't gank it in the first place, of course, so the owner can continue to press the case against Lohan.

Knowing Lindsay - who is still on probation, and could be royally screwed if she's in fact guilty of this - she'll claim she wore it out "by accident."


I can see why LL is not working. She is looking older and haggred.I dont think she knows what a bra is. each photo of her latley shows that she never wears one. Her life is going down the potty fast.and once it starts it's hard to come back.


oh america please put this girl on jersey shore the only place she belongs, she's a never was been she had four hit fims 6 years ago since then its been bomb after bomb,she ran down her assisants mother in a car and they found coke in her car and nothing happened,she was given a get out of jail free card and she did drugs two weeks later,she was forced to go to rehab and punched a lady in the face! she had 3 big car crashes and now shes your justice system is screwed in my country she'd get ten years easy lol guess people like charlie sheen and lindsay will always be able to do as they please until america i guess they will be able to do what they want forever because america is systematically incapable of change just like lohan herself =p


As if being Lindsay Lohan isn't enough,now she is on her way to trying to become a shoplifting maven. If staying in trouble was a free trip to heaven, Lilo would be heaven bound!!

Jennifer miller

I do agree she is getting special treatment. I don't understand why she is stealing. She went from having a drug and alcohol problem to stealing. Is she trying to get attention or what?


IWould have said she shuld have killed her self.. this is too much.! Tragic.!so Embarrassement


Advice for the authorities you guys should have seen this a long time ago.
It is human nature to test limits, if she keeps getting away with it, she will keep doing it! Do everyone (including Lindsey) and favor and put her in jail for a little while, she will be away from everything that has driven her into this life of crime, she will learn that actions have consequences, and everyone else will be safer with out her running around and stirring up trouble. What ever happened to "all men are created equal", celebrities should be included in this because they are citizens of this nation like everyone else, I really don't understand how we lost that key point in our countries basic beliefs and I really think we should get back to it!


I am going to give some advice to our authorities that they should have been given a


Legitimate question for her... how do you "accidently" put on a necklace... "accidently" forget to pay for it and "accidently" walk out of the store....


you know what I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS WHITE TRASH BITCH,do us all a favor a throw the bitch in jail alrdy, if that was me i would get 3 yrs. no special treatment and i would be labeled as a jewel thief, but they are just gonna say aww Lindsay it's ok we know you had a hard day trying to cop drugs and drinking all day we forgive you now here are some prescription drugs go take a nap and wait for that big movie role to come


When people like Lindsay keep getting away with this shit they feel like hey are entitled to special treatment. Even when she was in jail she got let out early. She has never paid the price for her actions. Likely,if this is true, she won't for this either. She just can't seem to figure out that in life there are consequences for your actions because for her there really have never been. It's not right.

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