Dolphin Tale Swims Into First Place

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Once again, an animal has proven more popular than Brad Pitt at the box office.

A week after The Lion King in 3D finished with the most money earned, Dolphin Tale did the same, beating back a strong challenge from Pitt, Jonah Hill and Moneyball.

The fictional front office of the Oakland A's can at least take solace in the fact that they aren't Anna Faris. Her comedy, What's Your Number?, tanked, as evidenced by the following box office results:

  1. Dolphin Tale: $14.25 million
  2. Moneyball: $12.5 million
  3. The Lion King 3D: $11.1 million
  4. 50/50: $8.85 million
  5. Courageous: $8.8 million
  6. Dream House: $8.2 million
  7. Abduction: $5.65 million
  8. What's Your Number?: $5.6 million
  9. Contagion: $5 million
  10. Killer Elite: $4.85 million

Cute dogs and dolphins and handicapped ppl will win everytime.. A movie with all three? Lol gold!!! And how did Jennifer get into this??? You ppl need to let it go man. He left her - so what?? So many women go thru this every damn day and they GET OVER IT! Jennifer is different why? It takes two to tango and while I think brad was wrong not to say anything and cheat BOTH OF THEM are to blame for the wreckage of their marriage!!! Now ppl let it go already... Sheesh!!!


You guys are acting like Pitt is a black man...we are used to being held down bt the establishmment.


Another jenhen wishing he will flop. Moneyball is a great movie. It's worthy of oscar nods. When was the last time jen had a movie that sold that she carried completely on her own?when was the last time she ever got a real movie award nod?


How did he flop again? He beat out all new releases and is getting rave reviews and talks of oscars and golden globe nods. Dolphin tale is a children film that's also in 3-D. I'm sick of 3-D movies that make money off 20 dollars movies mcompared to a movie costing half the price. 38 mil is great for a baseball movie


Brad Pitt flops....again.