Taylor Armstrong on Russell Armstrong Abuse: New Details

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Entertainment Tonight aired its exclusive interview with Taylor Armstrong last night, as the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills went into detail regarding the alleged violent nature of her late husband, Russell.

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    R,JUST be her friend. I know it's hard for guys to do that, but if the guy gets avbsiue again, she will need a shoulder. Just don't let it go beyond that. Typically, women who have avbsiue ex's are also co-dependent.GOOD LUCK!M


    I always believed Taylor is a a money hunger liar.She never appeared like she wasn't able to fend for herself with anyone.She spoke up ,screamed with others ,a complete phoney.How disguisting to talk the way she does about her dead husband when he can't defend himdelf.She never appeared afraid of him.She is simply a self serving horrible woman.


    Cherry,you and the others are probably the abusers in abusive relationships, you all are clueless. I watched the show too and only once saw her ridiculed because of the dog that he bought their daughter. My god you women are hard, sarcastic heartless women.


    I think that Taylor was right in what she did. I lived as a victim of abuse for all of my life, first in my very young years from a older brother and his friends, a Mother who was mentally unstable, then as a young adult woman with the men I got involved with. I thought that part of my life was over, and I was rising above it with much therapy; however, I was wrong. I'm now in the autumn of my life, my children are grown and treat their wives like queens. I live in an apartment by myself, and my much loved dog and cat. Recently, a young couple moved in the apartment above me, at first there was signs of drug dealing going on, then a woman in the apt. complex who had been clean for 5 years, came to me and told me she bought some Meth from them. I started hearing them having horrible fights during the night. Once I saw him pull her down the steps by the hair. No one ever went to jail, and I felt like I was being a nuicance


    @kellie m- I agree with you... seems like the people who talk badly about Taylor have never been in a bad relationship with abuse. Having been, you're right, women stay after years, even if its just months of ridicule and mental abuse, so they feel like they can never leave because they feel like noone else would want them. Sometimes buying themselves or other people things make them feel a little better. It takes getting away from the abuser and getting help to finally be able to break free of the mental and painful anguish. I dont particularily care for Taylor, but abuse affects every person differently, and the abused person gets really good at hiding the fact that they are being abused. Making up stories etc..I did the same thing, blaming my baby son on one of my black eyes..But now I am married to a very , very wonderful guy, and never will have to live in fear again!


    Suicide is very painful. No matter who is at fault, it is something she will never forget. Taylor is hoping that she will get enough public sympathy to help her feel good about herself again. But only time will heal her wounds. Sure, she is getting paid a large amount of money to share her story & it will help her pay her bills, but, when she is alone at night, she has her own demons to live with. In time she will be able to move on & heal. Trust me, I know, I come from a family of someone very dear to me who committed suicide in the same way. His pain is gone but her's is just beginning.


    I am not an expert on the psychology og an abused woman but this much I know. Women stay with abusive partners ALL THE TIME!!!!! And when you are in public you might even stand up for yourself, but you will pay for it later! Come on people, Russell's X partners have also said that abuse began once they were pregnant and that he had a very short fuse. Please do not judge Russell or Taylor since you will never understand what either of them have actually experienced. What we can do is not pass judgement on Taylor and make her feel responsible for her husbands suicide. Her little girl is at risk for having the same low esteem issues that her mother obviously has and may end up in an abusive relationship if Taylor does not get help. She is obviously trying to come to terms with her choices in her life and is absoulutly grief stricken over the loss of Russell. Please show compassion to her and her daughter and others going through the same hell.


    My ex-husband tried with me a couple of times until one day I said enough is enough and told him I am leaving and he had to fly back home but Thank God I didn't have a child to worry about and came home.

    I was abused badly when I was a young girl by my brother-in-law for nine (9) years he raped me and they only reason he stopped was I married the man who I was just speaking about so I was afraid of coming home and it start all over again but it didn't because he was in another state and he was a priet.


    I'm sorry but by the way she talked to him and ridiculed him on camera I'm finding it a little hard to believe he physically abused her. I've seen abused women and the last thing they are going to do is agree to be on a television show. I'm not believing her, and this man is not here to defend himself against these acusations.



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