Taylor Armstrong Interview: Reality TV to Blame for Husband's Suicide

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The Taylor Armstrong pity/exploitation/public service announcement tour continues today on Dr. Phil.

Following an explosive, controversial interview on Entertainment Tonight Tuesday - during which the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills detailed the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of her dead husband - Armstrong will appear across from a man who knows all about profiting off the pain of others.

Watch a preview of the interview below and check your local listings to find out when you should stay as far away as possible from your TV it airs:

During the conversation, Taylor acknowledges that pressure from having his life recorded may have contributed to Russell's suicide.

"I can't say what he was thinking at the time [of his death], but what I can say is that I believe that if it weren't for the cameras, there's a chance I wouldn't be sitting here with you today," Armstrong.

As a mother of a five-year old, her response, of course, has been to quit the show and withdraw from the public spotlight as much as possible. Oh, no. Wait. It's been the exact opposite.


First of all, the enquirer is a fake lying magazine and don't be ignorant and believe that crap. All of you think it's her fault he's dead. Have some respect and leave her alone. GET YOUR OWN LIFE.


damn, this lady is doin interviews, books, etc...b/c she has 2 take care of her child. He killd himself, so a real mother, does wut they have2do 2 make sure their kids eat. He left them, high & dry, & she's doin wut she has 2 do!!!!& btw, she is the victim. Im not a big fan of hers, but yall act like she killd him. He was doin' funny business(&that shows b/c his biz partner killed his self 2), so i say Taylor, do wut u HAVE 2 do 2 make sure u & UR child eat & have sumwhere 2 live. Jmo


It was written that Russell was having a year long affair with a man..the business partner? and where is the business partner's wife ? She is not on every talk show like Taylor.
The article also stated Taylor was seen kissing the woman who was the personal trainer on Housewives of Orange County who flirted with Tamra all season.
What good are all these interviews Taylor is doing.?
she should think of her daughter first but ..she isn't.


Have some class, the guys barely cold and your playing the victim, you put you and your daughter in danger because you didnt want to rock the boat with bravo. Had you reported the abuse he may of got help and could still be here. Ever heard of keeping a dignified silence, i would never let my daughter be around a violent person let alone let her grow up thinking thats how women should be treated, you should of done something about it the very first time he layed a finger on you!!!


Very sad, the only time I saw happiness in Russell's life was when he was with his daughter and even that light in his life had been reduced to "visitations." The man was in so much pain that he took his own life, can't people respect this and allow him some kind of dignity.


apparently a lot of people did not tune in the first season of the BH Housewives. I suspected something terrible wrong was going on in the first season. Just wish Taylor had had the guts to leave that mean, spiteful man then. I hope she recovers real soon and gets on with her life.


wow. she would lick a dog's arse for
camera time.
who would indulge such a liar?
an obvious, vicious liar at that?
leave it to dr tv

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