Russell Armstrong: A History of Domestic Violence

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The late Russell Armstrong had a history of domestic violence dating back long before his assault on estranged wife Taylor became public knowledge.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars' five-year-old daughter Kennedy never saw Russell attack Taylor Armstrong, however, a new report says.

Entertainment Tonight, who aired this Taylor Armstrong abuse photo and spoke with the reality star, made the revelation on its program Wednesday.

Russell Armstrong and Taylor Armstrong Photo

ET reported that six weeks before he hanged himself (or was murdered, according to some people), Russell sought to change his will, although he never did so.

The program also delved into Russell’s past violence towards women.

Armstrong had two separate restraining orders filed against by him, one by his ex-wife, and one by an ex-girlfriend, as well as a battery conviction in 1997.

Russell married Barbara Armstrong in 1997 and separated shortly after their son Aiden was born. She alleges he hit her while she was six months pregnant.

"Russell threw me to the ground and slapped me across the face," she said. "The police were called because Russell hit me, blackened my eyes, kicked me in the back, threw crystal drinking glasses at me, and spit on me."

Barbara also states in a sworn declaration that Russell "pleaded guilty to battery and said that he understood that he [needed] anger management. That was the first such program that Russell was ordered to attend."

Barbara divorced Russell, remarried and moved to Arizona, but Aiden continued to see his father every other weekend, flying to Los Angeles to do so.

On August 6, 2004, Barbara claims she was called by Russell's then-girlfriend, Claudia Haro, who told her she "Saw Russell slap Aiden across the face, very hard. This slap was so hard that Ms. Haro heard it across the room."

"Ms. Haro has seen and heard Russell slap Aiden's face on other occasions."

Barbara subsequently got a temporary restraining order against Russell and requested that an off-duty police officer monitor visitation with Aiden.

Haro also submitted a sworn declaration stating Russell hit her too. You can follow the link for more details of the brutal history he allegedly has.


It takes two in a marriage to make it work or not. If he was abusive like Taylor said, then why did she marry him or stay in the marriage? She was spending money like a drunken sailor (just a phrase) and had to know he was hurting financially considering his partner is dead also. He probably told her to stop spending so much money but she didn't give a damn-50k for a childs birthday party and injections for her duck lips and her clothes etc. He is dead and cannot defend himself and as for her bruises on her face, I say that is likely plastic surgery bruises because she never called the police. Once again a money hungry itchbay.


Suicide is not a form of selfishness, it is a neurological change in the brain that can occur suddenly, he was already a man who had impulse control and had 2 restraining orders and an assault case against him, why was he not helped? He was crying out for help! A happy man does not terrorize people...but to blame the suicide on him? how very sad is our society's understanding of mental disorders! Poor Russell and Taylor and his whole extended family. Taylor is as distraught as anyone could be and how cruel to think anything else! I wouldn't wish this horrific story on my worst enemy, people sit behind their computers and say anything...pathetic!


Please stop with the nonsense, Taylor had a temper? Who had 2 restraining orders and an assault on a girlfriend and hiit his wife while she was 6 months pregnant? How very ridiculous...He was a try led person and he was not forced to get treatment! To blame this on Taylor or on any victim is criminal in itself! You don't have restraining orders against you for. Any other reason than you have terrified another person! Taylor wasn't perfect, she's a human but this horrific event is not debatable!


All men are born innocent and it is life that changes a child. Do I believe the man is better off dead? No, why? Because he is a father. Did he need help? Absolutely! Was a stupid that women kept marrying him despite the appeared abuse? Yes. Did he deserve the good life? That's not for us to judge. NO ONE SHOULD ABUSE ANYONE. if someone chooses to stay in an abusive relationship that I have to say you need help yourself because you have a choice.. All the same suicide isn't about one individual alone, his life loss will leave children without a father and a mother without a son and siblings without a brother.. I do not at all agree with abuse, I do believe life has it's many lessons to be learned.


This man had a lot of issues, clearly he didn't love himself enough to get help to stop hurting his loved ones and himself. It's tragic that he left his children behind in one of the most selfish forms of abandonment there is.


Taylor was screwing Jeremy Larner at the time with her pre-nup I can see her having her boytoy hit her & blame Russell hoping for a big payday. Russell's body wasn't even cold & she was asking how much cash she would be getting. Also what a coincidence Russell's partner is now dead too also an apparent suicide VERY convient if you ask me! Think Russell's family may be right when they say he was murdered! Taylor is a money grubbing fame whore...if the abuse was true anyone of her friends would have taken her in especially Lisa VanDerpump who is a soft touch. Notice how Taylor is always cring in a bikini or sucking in her stomach to look emaciated...its all an act in hopes of getting a BIG PAYDAY! Hope someone finally asks her about her affair with younger man Jeremy Larner. Media seems to be avoiding that tidbit


Russell is dead and he cannot say what really happened... Taylor have always been very vocal about Russell's behavior with her friends on the show. Why sell those pictures now? Why stay in an abusive relationship? Taylor is vocal about her charity for battered women. She is the one with a bad temper... Something happened but I don't think it was Russell... Her timing is odd. It's all about the money... She did have a $50,000.00 birthday party for her daughter and the little girl loved the puppy her dad gave her on that special day!!!!!!!


Violent people don't deserve any good things in life. This worthless man beat his wife, the mother of his child. It's a good thing he killed himself before he killed her or someone else. His little child is better off without him.


One less worthless piece of human garbage. Glad he's dead.


this is terrible news. what makes it worse is his final act of abuse was the most horric one, to dump on her this awful death, that she must bear and remember forever.

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