John Ann Hotchkiss Confirms Suspicions: My Son Was Murdered!

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A coroner has ruled out foul play, but John Ann Hotchkiss - the mother of Russell Armstrong - has confirmed in a new interview: "We want a murder investigation. We will do whatever is necessary to proceed."

Russell Armstrong and Taylor Armstrong

Hotchkiss simply can't fathom that Russell would take his own life - she says he was "warm and personable" and "loved his children to a fault" - and believes his financial struggles left him open to a "set up."

"No one is accusing Bravo," Hotchkiss clarifies to Us Weekly. "We think someone conspired to have him murdered and it is open as to who did it."

Russell's mother hasn't shied away from the spotlight since her son's death, explaining in an interview soon after the tragedy that Armstrong was petrified of his portrayal on season two of
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Does she blame the program for what happened? No, but if Taylor and Russell had never been on it, "I honestly believe in the bottom of my heart they would still be together," she said of the "emotionally brutal show."

And she does blame Bravo for airing Monday's premiere: "[It] was a total slap in the face. It just showed how superficial and shallow [Bravo] is... they don't care about anyone. They just care about ratings."


Your anwser shows real intelligence.


How he passed and was found - certainly could have been MADE TO LOOK LIKE a suicide - It was very violent and should not be ruled out.


1st of all, she did blame Bravo,wen it 1st happen'd. & 2nd of all, HE hung HIMSELF!!! That was his problem,on top of the problems he wuz hav'n, that he did it 2 himself. She/ NO ONE, should blame suicide, on sum1 else. Not bein rude, but jus say'n; we ALL have problems everyday,& where im from, U DEAL WITH IT b/c thats the life God has given us. I thank God ,not only 4 the good,but the bad n my life as well. U live& u learn!!!

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