Taylor Armstrong Hospital Photo: Released, Disturbing

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Photos of Taylor Armstrong - taken of the reality star soon after an alleged beating from husband Russell, which Entertainment Tonight teased last month as "graphic and shocking" - have been released.

And they are, indeed, graphic and shocking.

The news program ran a commercial last night for a special that will air this evening, and it featured the following shot of a black-eyed Taylor in the hospital:

Taylor Armstrong Hospital Pic

It's unclear when this picture was taken, but it was likely the result of a physical confrontation between Taylor and Russell immediately prior to the start of shooting on season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Expect more to hit the Web after Entertainment Tonight runs it report this week. But should these pics be made public? You tell us:


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There are so many ignorant people out there who know absolutely nothing about domestic violence. As a woman who just got out of an abusive marriage myself, I'm certain that Taylor's behavior is indicative of a woman who is being abused. Why make it worse on her and judge her? You were not there. Even if I didn't think she was telling the truth I would never post such cruel and judgmental words to someone I do not know- or anyone for that matter. Seriously, think about it. What does she stand to gain for lying about this? She was already on a famous TV show, what would her reasoning be to lie? I'm disgusted to read these constant comments. Please get educated about domestic violence and the cycle of abuse or keep your ignorant opinions to yourself.


hmmm....agree with precious2 - looks like how they mark you before surgery. She has had so much - this might be from a plastic surgery procedure.


I absolutely believe Taylor is doing the correct thing. The ignorant people that are not used to something like this will show what an abused person goes through and worse. If she didn't get out now, Kennedy would think this is normal behavior.
Taylor you will be doing a Mitzvah in showing women,
men and children so a cycle can be stopped. I'm proud of you, Taylor.
My girlfriend was going through this, and she was covered with black and blue marks all over her legs so no one would see. He used to tell her "She will be poor and live on the streets." I knew and tried to help her, but I couldn't.


To all that are putting her down.......if you've never been the victim of domestic violence, chances are you don't understand the cycle of abuse, and the broken person that results. Instead of being critical, be thankful it's not you.


The x's on her forehead look more like the way they mark you for surgery.


sick of hearing everyone's opinion putting her down. we were not there. we do not know the real story. lots of women stay in abusive situations, it just makes them human.


She wouldn't listen.


Just when I thought that she could Not look any worst, and then, along comes a picture (that) is worth a thousand words. No excuse whatsoever for being in an abusive marriage or relationship,and that is her sad reality. Instead of continuing to be seen as a BHH, she should consider professional therapy for her child as well as herself to be able to cope with the "Now" part of her life. I realize that the photos were necessary because she is the face of domestic violence. No Need to be cruel,but truth is the light and that light will shine. I've seen better looking faces at the wax museum. It's a wonder that the bright lights of the cameras doesn't make her face melt. YIKES!!


It isn't news, but since this fame whore chooses to be in the public eye, then yes, show all the photos.


SO where do I start? Well, how about her Charity? You know, about Domestic Battery. She had Adderine Maaloff go with her and none of the other housewives. Taylor is a fake or should I say flake and should be BFF with Camille instead of trying to be Kyle's BFF that is Lisa's friend. Still, it is sad that her husband hung himself. One thing for sure: If I would of spend $400.00 on a kiddie birthday party for a 4 year old. I would expect a phych eval. Kids wants dolls and swingsets. not expensive caviaer