Rebecca Zahau Death Ruled a Suicide

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With the conclusion that Rebecca Zahau died in a suicide, police say the mystery of two deaths tied to millionaire Jonah Shacknai's mansion has been solved.

A San Diego woman, Zahau, was found hanged at the mansion of Shacknai, her boyfriend. His son, Max, died from injuries suffered from an accidental fall.

"These deaths were not the result of any criminal acts," San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said at a press conference, as reported today by People.


The police findings effectively close the investigation into the unusual, very highly publicized deaths of pharmaceutical CEO Shacknai's girlfriend and son.

The family of Zahau (a.k.a. Rebecca Nalepa) is not satisfied, however.

"We her family and friends do not believe it's a suicide. There are still unanswered questions," says Mary Zahau-Loehner. "It is very suspicious."

"We would like the police to look further into her case, to do whatever it takes. We want justice and are here to represent our sister and daughter."

Zahau was found naked, hanging by a makeshift noose outside Jonah Shacknai's mansion in Coronado, Calif., on July 13, her hands and feet bound.

Her body was found just hours after she accessed her voice mail, on which was a message about Shacknai's 6-year-old son, who was in the hospital.

She also painted a message in black shortly before she died. The paint was still found on her hands. Authorities refused to reveal what was written.

"She made the decision to take her own life," said San Diego County Sgt. Dave Nemeth, adding that she bound and hanged herself unassisted.

This was supported, he said, by DNA evidence on the rope as well as an experiment in which officials found it was possible for a person to do this.

As for the boy, the investigation concluded that Max had tripped and tumbled over a balcony and grabbed a chandelier as he fell, authorities said.

Shacknai, CEO of Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp., was never a suspect and called the deaths "tragedies … that one couldn't imagine experiencing."


It is not nearly possible for a woman to hang herself in the nude.what I think happen is the sons mother twin sister did it.she went to the home to ask zahau questions about the boy.she got upset hit her over the head 4xs then panic called the brother that lived in the guest house they both paniced and staged it like a sucide. And for the police and the corners office to lie and say she killed herself see this is what happens when people have too much paper money money talks bullshit walks.






May God save her soul to rest in peace in heaven and frees her from pain.
She lost her life sufferingly and I deeply felt so sad for her. Whoever took her life must be punished soon! How idiot conclusion is! Those Experts said that was a suicidality had No Brains at all or the big money bought the truth out of their mouths! Obviously she was killed by a psychopath! Who the hell wanted to kill oneself nakedly showing own body to public when there were many easy ways to do so privately? Who could tie own hands on the back and etc? The poor little boy might be also the victim of the same murderer! May God comfort him too. Another thought is the poor little boy might die from the accident but the babysitter was definitely murdered by the angry family! Miss Rebecca Zahau and Max please be in peace together in heaven. From my sincere condolence to both unfortunate decedents.


The jew did it..................


Harks of Drew Peterson. Naked body to distract investigators from looking at everything. This is most likely a smart murderer and he planned it well. What're the cops avoiding?


Why doesnt someone get one of these high power physics to investigate and solve this crime


The brother was staying in the house to console family. When you have wealthy spouses signifigant others, and family member comes in jealous mad being able o take advantage of circumstances no way this is suicide family is hiding others behavior. Perhaps police are trying to come out with this for some thing else to come up. I don't know Freiky brother has always been suspicious no brother who is broke wants his brother treating some woman better than he is doing serious sibling phychosis


Suicide? Rubbish! Nobody commits suicde like that. Who is the “She� and “He� referred to in the writing on the door? Sounds like someone wants to get back at Shacknai! If Romano was 24/7 at her son’s bedside, how could she be a witness in Zahau’s death? Too many holes and unanswered questions. Many things do not add up here. Can somebody please explain how she could tie her feet, tie her hands behind her back, gag herself with a t-shirt in her mouth, get nude, hit herself on the head, hoist herself to the noose and then jump over the balcony. I still think it was MURDER.


No woman would get naked, stuff a shirt in her mouth, bind her feet and hands and then hang herself - they say it's possible (if you're Houdini I suppose), but probable?? Come on, really? If she wanted to kill herself that bad she'd just do it fast and simple (probably pills/alcohol). The message left on the door "She Saved Him Can You Save Her" are not the last words of someone committing suicide but someone being murdered. A woman would leave a heartfelt hand-written note explaining why she could no longer live. Head trauma? Anyone could put the ink on her fingers, make her write the note on the door (with gun to head). Someone here is definitely getting paid off. Look at ex-wife of boyfriend or boyfriend. So he was at his son's bedside ... like he'd do it himself anyway? He's got the money to pay someone to do it. What a corrupt police force this is. I hope her family gets this thing reversed and the killer is brought to justice.

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