Jonah Shacknai Still Not Suspected in Mansion Deaths Despite Lengthy Police Probe

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Despite receing nine calls in three years related to two of Jonah Shacknai's homes, investigators are finding no links to two mystery deaths in his mansion.

"There doesn't appear to be a connection," Coronado, Ca., Police Commander Michael Lawton tells People. "There's nothing here that stands out as suspicious."

The calls involved the beachfront mansion owned by Jonah Shacknai, a CEO of a pharmaceutical company, and another residence four blocks away.

Rebecca Zahau, Jonah Shacknai

His ex-wife Dina lives in the second residence. Their son, Max, 6, died after a fall in the mansion earlier this month, which was officially ruled an accident.

Just two days later, Rebecca Nalepa (a.k.a. Rebecca Zahau, 32) was found hanged there. She had been dating Jonah Shacknai for close to three years.

Calls to police from 2008-present included a report of a vandalism to a car at the home, second-degree burglary, a robbery alarm and other incidents.

Five calls between 2009-2011 to the ex-wife's home included a suspicious vehicle call, two complaints of disturbing the peace, and a burglary alarm.

Police found no crimes had been committed in any of those cases.

Lawton says the area is full of tourists and prone to frequent police calls and false alarms. Some of these reports may not have involved either property at all, but were simply in close proximity to an random incident, he posits.


Anyone notice "OJ" are the first two letters in JOnah's name? hmmm.


They really need to look into the millionaires ex wife. There is no way she committed suicide and all evidence points otherwise. Justice needs to be served money or not. I am so sick of rich criminals.


Suicide? Rubbhish! Who commits suicide like that? This is revenge killing! "If Shacknai's face is how you look after using his products, it should be banned."


"Suicide???­? Must be nice to have money and have the cops on your side."


Dina said Jonah made little or no attempts to pull off the dog when it was biting her. So I can see Jonah in a mad rage strangled Rebecca and then hanged her.


Rebecca killed herself in a bizarre way to taint the life of her "boyfriend" forever. She was blamed by him and his ex-wife for not watching their son, who later died from a house accident, and she was told to leave. They would never be able to forgive her for the son's death, whether or not she was responsible for his fall. She had no place to go which would freely support the high-style of living she had become accustomed too. For psychotic and demented revenge.. she made sure no one would ever be able forget her, and her boyfriend would never be able to live in the mansion again.


How did he push his son down the stairs? Using mental telekenisis from a distance? He wasn't even at home when his son fell. His girlfriend was watching the child.


Good Grief! The Shacknai family has suffered a horrible tragic
life-altering chain of events. Give them a break.


This is not suicide! It smells MURDER. Why is Jonah not speaking now? Is he afraid? Why was Dina at the mansion so early in the morning on the day that Rebecca was found hanging? Did Adam deliberately contaminate the evidence?


what if he pushed his son down the stairs & she knew about it? So he had to kill her to keep her from talking.