Patti Stanger Implies All Gay Men Are Sluts, Baffles Andy Cohen

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To think, we reported on how much Patti Stanger sucks earlier this morning before we even saw this interview clip, which is offensive on multiple levels:

  1. For her absurd, rampantly homophobic comments
  2. For the fact that this idiot is even quasi-famous

Appearing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night, she told a gay caller that monogamy is mostly for the straights. Seriously:

It got WORSE from there, leaving Cohen practically speechless.

Stanger told another gay male caller that she mistook him for being straight, and that this is a compliment, because, hey, "nobody wants a queen." Cringe.

She then proceeded to give advice on blow jobs and imply that Cohen himself is not in a relationship with now because he is gay and also has a good career.

Cue the press release from GLAAD in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...


gay men are sluts though, andy cohen's just a sensitive bitch. i agree with patti 100%, gay men are just hypersexual to a disturbing level. but that goes for men in general lol


Seriously most gay men really do whore around and have no concept of monogomy??? We love to get upset when someone DARES to point it out... but really guys? If you are gonna wear it... own it.


thats just rude. i mean, not all gay men are sluts. thats just . . . ugh, honestly, who gave her that job? cause she sucks at it... o.O


"Woman are realizing that gay guys are NOT their friends. They are their competitors and their backstabbers." If your friends, gay or straight, are competing with you and stabbing you in the back, then you're a shitty judge of character who chooses their friends poorly. There are just as many straight people that act the way gay men do, but not all straight people are then tucked under the slut blanket judgment. If you really feel that all gay men are awful, ugly (by whose standard?) sluts, then you are indeed a close-minded, ignorant homophobe. I've never met anyone from the lgbtq community that was a "heterophobe," but then again, I only associate with people of high quality character.


Gay guys are not sluts, they are horny men trapped in the closet for too long and they are out to conquer as many weak straight men (omega males) for straight men are like virgin girls to straight men.


Btw,Patti,you have just increased your fan base exponentially. Woman are realizing that gay guys are NOT their friends. They are their competitors and their backstabbers. Most of them ARE ugly,btw....and all that "I'M a happy Diva!" bs,delusional and quite frankly perverted and depressing . I guess we are all just darn homophobes....sure. Are the gays HETEROPHOBES?Freedom of speech,Patti. GO GIRL! We are with you. And Andy,how about Not a gay guy presenting woman for real. NOT queeny drama driven,humiliating stereotypical queer eyed garbage you drive on your Housewife shows.


BRAVO PATTI! Everyone out here knows the truth about gay guys. Mntreal passed gay marriage way back compared to NYC and they have the highest adultery,ha "divorce" rate. They are sluts and are selfish,babyish,catty failed "men." Drop Dead radical gay agenda !

Jaan black

...most gay dudes are like that and they'll admit it so what's the big effing deal?!?


i am a gay guy in his 20's living in indiana. patti stanger hit a bullseye target on that one!!!! call me a hyprecrite, a hater, i dont care. if ur a gay male u know that a majority of gay men are to selfish to be monogamous. "remeber queens its all about you you you" i do wish theyre was a solution to this problem. but if any of u queens would get your head out of your own ass ud realize that technically her mentioning this issue can be the beginning toward working on bettering ourselves so we can be recognized as a more family oreinted group of individuals and get more respect and equal rights. stop playing victims, we are responsible for how we conduct our own or straight


So it's my understanding that Patti isn't in a relationship right now and has a successful career, so is she an ugly, promiscuous lesbian? P.S. Wtf did she do to her face?