Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger: Terrible at Matchmaking, Casting Millionaires

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We know Bravo fans are intense, but what we didn't know was how hard many of them are turning hardcore on the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger.

When it comes to the Housewives, there are often camps. You're on Team Bethenny or Team Jill. You're a Camille Grammer hater or a Camille sympathizer.

Okay, bad example. The point here is that peeps apparently hate Patti, and there are decreasing numbers of people on the side of the reality star each week.

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The Millionaire Matchmaker: Bad at matchmaking, casting millionaires.

Among the main beefs with Patti Stanger, or her show, is that its premise is so ridiculous as to be offensive to reality TV fans. Yes, we're being serious.

Stanger has not found love for herself, nor is she casting actual millionaires these days. Not a single successful relationship has been depicted on the show.

She is a hot mess and her staff? Well, no comment necessary. During her most recent episode, no fewer than 73 Tweets called for her firing immediately.

No clue if Justin Theroux is one of those Tweeters.


Patti Stanger is a crude, rude, obnoxious and low-class fraud. She acts like a madam, pimping out women to two undateable men. She uses lots of sexual references toward her clients and frequently uses profanity. She screams at people, is insufferably arrogant and will never get married herself. No man would be able to stand this harpy for more than 5 minutes. I truly can't watch her show. She makes me sick!


Greasy and gross hair and face. She should NOT make comments on anyone elses looks. SHE can't keep a man. But sure loves talking about blowjobs she gives. Also gross. Yes, her cheap plastic surgery job is pathetic too. And she is FAT! what a cow, PA-LEEZE don't walk around NY or anywhere else in shorts, your legs NEED WORK. Flabby and celulite marks and just plain low class. You're not 13 or 20. You're 50??? Old bag. Her clients are mostly strange perverts who are willing to shell out $$$ to try to get laid. She doesn't care who she matches anyone up with.
We all know IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!! only!!! you are'nt fooling anyone. Pimp. that ride, ride that ride.
she is gross! Who dresses you? Her cheap or at least cheap looking wardrobe...too tight. Trashy, slutty.


She's rude and bigoted plus has recently had some very bad plastic surgery on her face. She is all messed up looking this year. Every time I see her I can't get past the very droopy eye. Both eyes look odd but one of them is really, really droopy. Her face looked way better pre-botched surgery.


Good for you to speak your mind Miss. Patti on your free speech statement for gay guys. Bad mean gay men. Good nice gay men. They are still men at the end even though they are a bunch of women trapped in testosterones of men.




Why are these comments shocking? GO to Los Angeles. She does dating for a business and knows her clients, she knows the life there. I lived there. Try Halloween time on Santa Monica Blvd. I was there twenty years ago and drag queens, men running rampant everywhere acting crazy and then no one can stereotype the gay community? None of us are blind or stupid either. It may be negative trash but, you know what - it is what it is. I don't know much about Jewish men, but she knows her clients and is giving her opinion of what she has seen in Los Angeles. Now I live in a college town with lots of gay men and gay women - even in my apartment building, and they sure have a heck of a lot of stuff going on... it is no secret, why is it politically incorrect to say something you see going on in society?


hi, patti don't listen 2 negative b.s ppl will always hav sum input...when they r not content in their own lives. I love ur show its kool but u r sumtimes 2 harsh but u do tell ur clients wat 2 expect so no 1 should complain period. as for the millionaires men/women its their choice 2 seek ur help. i would love 2 attend ur show. I'm 45 yrs old single @ 5'2 130lbs. if u don't hav a man in ur life its ur choice. take care & God Bless


There is no way in hell that this shrill shrew of a woman would ever pick a mate for a millionaire. Think about it. If you're savvy enough to make millions, do you really need this unwed tranny to tell you how to find love? Doubtful in the 10th degree.


I have watched her show and I know that it is fake because she has had some of my models on her show that are gold diggers. Plus how many people do you think that they just happen to have a head shot of themselves laying around. I always thought that was strange. She is a mess and she is rude to some of her clients she tries to change them into somebody they are not and you have to like the person exactly the way you see them you cannot change them for a minute and then they surface back to who they are.
This show should be taking off the air it is wasting space for someone else.
Thank you Andy Cohen if you are listening I know she is Jewish like you but she is no princess

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