Patti Stanger Apologizes For Anti-Gay Comments, Still Sucks

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Even Patti Stanger realizes she went too far this time.

On Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen Monday night, the horrible Millionaire Matchmaker made some anti-Semitic and anti-gay remarks while offering BRILLIANT "advice" to viewers who called in with questions.

Short story: Jewish men are liars and gay men are sluts.

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Although Stanger is known for being blunt and forward on TV, which is why some people tune in (presumably ... it sure can't be for dating advice, as there are never successful couplings depicted on the show), this was too much.

Hence, she apologized on Twitter:

"Attn male Gays: I support you & my comment on WWHL was to a LA guy who can't find commitment. So sorry. Didn't mean to offend anyone. Love you all. X0"

Stanger and Bravo also wrote a statement to GLAAD: "I am so sorry. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments on Watch What Happens Live."

The network followed with "Bravo regrets the comments expressed by Patti Stanger on Watch What Happens Live. Her comments are not representative of the network's beliefs and opinions. We apologize for the offense it caused."

Next up should be an apology for her horrible show.


This woman perhaps said THE most homophobic comments I have heard in a long time. It is worse making these really bigoted and ignorant comments than if she just said "i don't like gay people". With the divorce rate being what it is among straight couples, how dare she say that gay people can't ne mongamous (which is bascially what she said. Some of my gay friends have the most commited and monogomous relationships and by the way, although this is a different discussion, who is it that decided that monogamy is the only kind of relationship that costitutes a healthy relationship. Then telling a guy you look straight and that is a compliment" took the cake. Is she just a bigot or is she also very stupid (rehtorical question since the answer is obvious). The word I always felt best described her whenever a saw her was always "COW". Now she is an ignorant and really hateful "bigot cow"


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Bravo needs to dump Patti the same way they dumped Jill!


It's a TV show and made for entertainment!! Patty this NY girlfriend stands behind you!


Why is this so called millionaire matchmaker single? It's like going
to a dentist who has horrible teeth. If you can't or won't bother
to fix your own mouth, then pray tell why would I have you work on
mine. These idiots that go to her are there for one reason, " TV time". Her success rate is not what she says it is and she is the
liar. She needs to get a new look, if that's possible. She is
demeaning and rude. Most of the women she turn away look better than she does. Patti needs a wake up call.


Never could stand this cow! Reminds me of "If you If you can't teach"


We love you Patti! New fans from NYC!


Concerning her misandrist remarks:
During the 50′s and 60′s men on TV would instruct us that women were not that bright. The misogynist of the day.
Now we have Stanger instructing us that men are not that bright. The misandrist of this era.
Who was right, the misogynists or the misandrists?


you'all are too sensitive its schtick for God's sake


I was not offended yo.