Natali Germanotta, Sister of Lady Gaga, Featured in Teen Vogue!

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What's it like to grow up in an apartment with Lady Gaga?

Teen Vogue asked Natali Germanotta, 19, all about it!

While Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) is a lot less subdued than her younger sister, who studies fashion at Parsons in New York City, they're cut from the same cloth.

Natali may not rock meat dresses or embody male alter egos like Jo Calderone, but she does dress unusually, often in mostly black uniform she calls "witchypoo."

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As for her sister, whom she calls "Stefi," L'il Gaga says she wouldn't go there herself: "Some of the stuff she wears I'd be like, 'No, never,'" she says.

Germanotta, an aspiring fashion designer, hasn't asked her sister to pull any strings for her. Gaga does that all on her own, in her larger than life way.

Remember when she turned a shoe her sister made for a school project into a piano she played for a performance on Oprah? Yeah. That happened.

"I was at my parents' house sobbing, like, 'Oh my God,'" Natali recalled.

Although Germanotta says she may work one day Lady Gaga's personal stylist, she fears it may be exhausting: "She changes 50 times a day!"

Natali says she's not living in her sister's shadow, not even after Gaga attended her high school graduation in a freaking beekeeper's hat with netting.

In fact, Natali says that part was actually her idea.

"The teachers were like, 'Oh my God, I can't handle this family,'" she says. "[Stefi] asked me, 'Should I dress really conservative and not look like myself, or should I do it over-the-top and freak everybody out?'"

"And I was like, 'The latter, definitely the latter.'"

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TWO GAGAS: Little sis with big sis ... aww!!!

In addition to the traditional younger-sibling-lenience, Gaga's bombastic getups definitely help Natali off the hook with the parents sometimes, too.

When her dad gives her a hard time, "I say, 'Well, at least I'm not walking out on the street with red pasties,' and he'll be like, 'Good point.'"

Natali also brought a tiny lizard along to her interview with Teen Vogue. If that doesn't sum up this family right there, we don't know what will.


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