Patti Stanger Warns Jennifer Aniston About Justin Theroux ... Again

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Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux are going strong.

Most people are happy for America's Sweetheart and her fast-track romance, but the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger is not most people.

Nor is Patti Stanger one to mince words about Theroux, as we know.

Watch out, Jen, because “something’s not right there,” she says.

Patti Stanger spoke to Radar about Jen’s new relationship and while she says Justin may be good for Jen, they should put the brakes on.

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“I kind of like him, but here’s my problem - he was with the last girl for 15-16 years and one day in walks the girl of his dreams and he just says bye, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! There’s a karmic payback for that."

“He’s handsome and he likes her and she likes him, they’ve got good body language, so it’s a matter of what really went down that he jumped ship from this girl he lived with for 16 years, something’s not right there.”

Theroux, 40, was dating
Heidi Bivens for 14 years before he started dating Aniston, 42. Patti says this is a big surprise coming from Jen.

“She b*tched about Angelina stealing Brad from her!” she said.

“This isn’t a poor schmuck. This is a guy who produces movies. He’s doing major movies this year, he’s acted. He can afford his own place."

"That tells me he jumped ship from one girl to the other. Then he moves in with her in LA, now they’re looking for a nicer house, it’s too fast."

“I think he had enough money he could have moved out to L.A., he could have gotten an apartment see how it goes and gone slower." 

"She might be moving too fast she might get hurt, burned.”

There are reports that Jen might be trying for a baby with her boyfriend and Patti says she could see that happening, all too clearly.

“I feel like she might pull the pregnancy card on him. Maybe she has, she isn’t as skinny as she used to be, and she’s glowing.”

Ah, Patti. Never one to hold back ... or not take absurd tabloid reports with a grain of salt, apparently.


Patti Stanger typical doubting female. Negative bitch maybe they were together as friends and had an understanding if either met somebody else they part ways.many people live together as friends and prefer not to be lonely. I'm sure that is the way it was . Get a life you jealous bitch.


You guys are as rediculous as patti giving advice on their relationship. She probably does't know them from a hole in the ground,and I know none of you know them. Funny how everyone has an opinion about everyone else. Wonder what would happen if we spent more time with our spouse, childern, or even taken care of our own business what one might fine. U ONLY GET ONE LIFE PEOPLE U REALLY WANT TO SPEND IT BEHIND A COMPUTER COMMENTING ON CELEBRITY HAPPINESS?


Is she psychic? brad found what he likes [when he left Jen]. Now, Jen is seems very happy with Justin. Couldn't we just let Jen enjoy the romance and let's hope Justin is the lost love she was looking for. Jen has the right to love, just as brad let us all know he had the right to find what he likes.


Oh yeah, I much prefer how slowly Brad and Angie went. Give me a break,


Jen is using him as a sperm donor.Once she is knocked up she will boot him out so he can return to that kike Heidi


Justin was not married to Biven's but they lived together for 14 years. Could it be that he wants a family and Biven's doesn't want to interrupt her career to have a child? Regardless if this relationship doesn't last, at least Jen will have her baby, someone to love and to love her back. She'll make a great mom.


Jen is a sweet girl, a wonderful person and deserve to be happy. I agree that she was more than cool with the whole Brangelina thing. Pat is a experienced bitch and I think she is more than right about Justin. I don't trust him at all. Pat has an eye, a very good one for bad too...I can tell...this guy want something from this relationship and would do everything to get it, even having babies with Jen...I feel sorry for Jen, but I also feel in my heart that this is not a good choice for her...She should forget about those handsome and egotistic actors and singers.


Lets just be happy for Jen...and honestly, this whole Brangelina thing is old. Its time to get over and wish Jen well cuz god knows she deserves it:)


Wouldn't the fact that Theroux was involved in a long distance relationship prior to dating Aniston and ended it because of his attraction to her signify that a. he's into LTRs and b. this connection with Aniston was stronger than what he had with his ex? I mean why would a man leave a woman that he's invested 14 years of his life with for another unless she was really important to him? Especially at age 40! That's just my take on it. At least he's not some skirt-chasing man-whore who's just looking to get some. I think he could be it for Aniston. Only time will tell. I also believe that hey will have a child together, and soon.


i think jen has a bit of an idiot magnet. she goes for the ones that will break her heart or aren't worthy. leaving his wife of 14 years deserved more than to hook up with someone like this

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