Michaele Salahi: Screwing Neal Schon, Herself Out of Divorce Settlement

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Michaele Salahi must really enjoy being a rock groupie.

According to the prenuptial agreement between the former Real Housewives of D.C. star and husband Tareq, committing adultery automatically forfeits her right to any money or other property the couple jointly accumulated during their union.

The Salahis have been married eight years, and will almost certainly not reach nine after Michaele ran off with Neal Schon, the guitarist for Journey.

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All indications are that Tareq Salahi will divorce her ASAP, and that by screwing Schon, Michaele has basically screwed herself out of any right to spousal support.

At least she was welcomed onto Journey's tour bus with "Open Arms." No, really, she's traveling with the band on its current tour, and watching backstage now.

Tareq, meanwhile, has been banned from Journey shows (really).

Fortunately for Michaele's financial future, Neal Schon is probably more loaded than Tareq. Unfortunately, rock stars tend to upgrade groupies frequently.

No word if Neal has his own prenup negotiated with Ava Fabian, the Playboy model he married TWO MONTHS AGO in Paris with the entire band present.

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1/2 of nothing is still nothing, prenup or not. She'll probably save money by leaving his broke ass.


Who knows what kills a person's love!!
Only a few days ago Tareq was crying the blues because he "felt" that his trophy wife had been kidnapped (as if he had money to "buy" her safe return). In the Next breath, he claimed to be shocked and heartbroken that she was with the (band on the run). His latest tune is that he is divorcing her, and they had a prenup and she is Not getting any of his money. Well, dare I say it, this man know all the jokes. By all indications, he is so broke that he couldn't pay attention to what was happening right under his Nose. He claims that Neil was a friend,but evidently he didn't pay too much attention to that song by The O'Jays called "Backstabber". It appears that Michaele has left Tareq home alone and is Not looking back at that zig zag lifestyle and financial uncertainty with Tareq.


Can you say " W H O R E" ???


All 4 of them are gross and disgusting. It's all a publicity stunt, no one was blind sided except for the people who believe this rubbish. None of them are stable in the head, Especially Ava and Neal. Two of the weirdest psychos I have ever seen.


hahaha he has no money. she has escaped a shizload of debt


Take that back...she's not unattractive:) But she is an old idiot.


He just got married 2 months ago? She thinks he loves her? She's an idiot! An old,unattractive, stupid idiot.


sounds like they goin "seperate ways" lol


What spousal support????!! TAREQ IS BROKE!!!!!!! Yeesh!!


well, like Madea say..."u think the grass is greener on the other side,but then u realize the water bill is 2 high, so u try 2 go bak&its 2 late"...lol. But seriously, her & her hubby did alot of dirt 2getha(that i read), so mayb she want'd 'out'! Dont kno,not tryna make excuses 4 her, b/c i think that she sunk very low (by doin it publicly), but u reap wut u sow!!!


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