Ava Fabian, Wife of Neal Schon: Also Blindsided By Michaele Salahi Affair!

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Apparently Neal Schon is also married.

As if the fact that Michaele Salahi was reported kidnapped, only to have left her husband to run off with the guitarist from Journey, wasn't bizarre enough, it turns out Neal himself is a married man - as of THIS JULY!

Somebody's not taking the lyrics to "Faithfully" to heart ...

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Neal Schon: Play on, player - and we're not talking about guitars.

Ava Fabian, a former Playboy Playmate, married Neal this summer in Paris, and the entire band was present. Now unlike Tareq Salahi, she says she was shocked and is completely devastated by Neal Schon's affair with Michaele Salahi.

"This is very painful for me. I'm very hurt," Ava told TMZ. Asked if she would ever consider taking Schon back, Fabrian replied with a firm, "No."

Big stunner right there, given that White House party crasher Michaele is now a full-blown Journey groupie, traveling to all of Neal's concerts.

Tareq Salahi says he's divorcing her ass ASAP. We know one former Playboy centerfold who also sounds like she could be available, T. Just sayin' ...

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I dated Ava in college back in 1980, before she was a famous playmate. At that time she was just a college kid like myself partying and having fun in college. The last semester we saw each other, she told me she would be a playmate one day, and 6 years later she pulled it off. Good job Ava, I know I will never forget you. As for your marital problems, everybody has them, yours are just spotlighted because of your fame, and the fact you married a Journey member. You always told me the Doobie brothers was your favorite band. God bless,,,,,,,,,, phil S


I have known Ava for a long time. She is a classy beautiful strong woman whom was w/ a rock star that obviosly loved her enough to marry her. SHE IS TO GOOD FOR HIM..... HIS LOSS! The blond can't hold a candle to Ava.


Ava is a truly sweet lady who also just happens to be beautiful. It is always sad when a man marries a woman for beauty and does not understand or care that the woman is a real person, with a tender emotions and love for him that he does not deserve. She fell in love with an illusion. If you are conned, you simply are conned. So how can you say it was her fault for believing someone who did not tell the truth, and did not live up to his own promise which were made before witnesses and God... so sad. WE are on the side of Ava on this one!!!!!!!!! The other lady? Obviously she is not!


Michaele Salahi really needs to act her age, this is stuff 19-20 year olds do. How embarassing for Mr. Salahi.


I knew Ava, and she can be a pretty huge bitch, she was a huge cokehead in LA who always thought she was better than everyone else. Perhaps she had grown up and gotten married. I feel badly for her, but really when girls date musicians who are on the road and slutty ("oh NO, not MY boyfriend" they all stupidly think they are different!), this is what happens. Sad to hear it though. Hope it makes the other model/actress types who fall for the musicians THINK for a change! doubt it though...they think theyre nothing if the guy is an unknown. Pathetic.


What a slut! She'll do anything to keep herself in the public eye. Some people cannot accept it when their 15 minutes of fame are over. She and her husband should be in prison for that stunt they pulled at The White House. Real low life. Before long we'll read that she's broke and working a stripper pole at at biker bar off route 90.


While I do feel badly for Fabian...........Could she REALLY be that dumb???


What happened to his nose? Bad rhinoplasty.


Im just glad michela came to her senses about the total ass she married. I dont like the infidelity on both parts but she had to get away from that media whore she married. when she supposedly went missing he called the media before the police.......ass


Neal has slept with numerous women while he was with Ava, why would a washed up has been pump pig playmate who had mansion gangbangs for a living be upset about this? He's is always trying to pick up young girls on the internet. I think it's all a publicity stunt for all four of them. Ava gets attention outside of her woman parts, the broke lady and her hubby will get press and paid for it, and Neal gets to make a bigger ass out of his self than he has already on Facebook. I feel terrible for the rest of Journey for being associated with this egotistical washed up old brillo headed troll. He wrecked Journeys reputation in a matter of seconds. LOSER!

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