Michaele Salahi-Neal Schon Affair: Wildly Sexual, News to Tareq!

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The theory that someone kidnapped Michaele Salahi was quickly debunked ... but the truth was even weirder, which is standard fare for the Salahis.

As we reported last night, the White House party crasher and Real Housewives of D.C. star was not abducted. She was with Neal Schon of Journey.

Michaele's husband Tareq was apparently as blindsided as everyone else, saying he considered Neal and his band members "friends" ... until now.

Michaele and Tareq Salahi Pic
Neal Schon Picture

Contrary to Tareq's belief that his wife had been kidnapped, Michaele Salahi in fact was with Neal in Tennessee, bouncing from one Journey concert to the next.

Tareq has been crying hysterically, according to reports, saying he feels his life is over because Michaele is all he lived for and she's having an affair with Neal.

Whatever their status, they are well are acquainted. The band recently came to their winery in Virginia, played for free and stayed with Tareq and Michaele.

Moreover, just two weeks ago, Tareq and Michaele went to a Journey show and hung out backstage with Neal and a woman named Ava at the Virginia show.

Tareq says that's Neal's wife, which would make this even more absurd ... but either way, Michaele was reportedly bragging about their "wild sex" recently ...

Sources say Michaele and Neal first met in 1998 - while she was engaged to Tareq - and the two felt an instant attraction. In 2009, things came to a head.

We're saying the relationship turned sexual, and profoundly so. Michaele bragged to friends about it, which is not a good way to keep adultery secret.

Last week, apparently, Michaele decided it was time to make a move. She ditched Tareq Tuesday to meet up with Neal and hasn't looked back since.

Tareq legitimately felt she had been abducted, making this all the more devastating for her husband. He's told friends he feels "betrayed" by his wife.

Don't stop believin', Tareq, things will turn around. Sorry.

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i used to idolize journey and neal schon journey WAS the rock band of the eighties and then they tried to make a come back and did a pretty good job (even without MR PERRY)they had gone through a couple of decent new singers then neal found arnel pineda and when they went to his home (country of manila )they made that doulbe lenght live dvd i said F u ck journey that 2 dvd set should have been made here in the UNITED STATES where the real LOYAL fans of this band made them famous i got that dvd for xmas thT YEAR AND HAVE TO TELL YOU NEAL THOSE ORIENAL FANS DONT EVEN COME CLOSE TO MAKING THE NOISE YOUR AMERICAN FANS MAKE NOT EVEN CLOSE I HAD BEEN A FAN FOR 30+ YEARS UNTIL THEN HELL I WENT TO THE S EPT 2008 JOURNEY SHOW IN MARYSVILLE,CA. HAT 3RD ROW SEATS AND EB


It kills me that these TALENTLESS people are getting richer and more famous for outrageous behavior! This reality show phenomenon has peaked, I hope, and will end in the near future.


Hmmm, thought she ran off with Joe Biden!


we are making these nobodies famous by buying into reality tv. want it to stop, then stop watching them. all of these reality tv stars from jersey shore, bachelor to real housewives are making a living because our society loves to watch others getting drunk, whoring around, and make general jackasses of themselves. it's so sad that this generation of entertainment will be known as trashy reality tv. long gone are the days when being in the entertainment field meant something worthwhiled. I truly miss the stars of old Hollywood.


This is becoming standard American morals where nothing is sacred and almost anything goes , godless America has become very corrupt and perverted , only thing is new is not the act but who is doing it.


I mean, the woman had to be a 'trophy' from the git-go. I hope it's true that they had a pre-nup.


lmfao at that fat bastard Tareq slobbering tears and licking his snot....what a JOKE!!!! HOnestly, I can't stop laughing...did he know that his wife is really a man name Micheal? haha.


Truth is if they didn't matter..no one would care! But because people are commenting..it makes them celebs!!


q. Can get a real woman!!


Her legs are to skinny! Now maybe Tare

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