Melanie Amaro Forces X Factor Viewers to "Listen"

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With apologies to Rachel Crow, Nick Voss and other impressive acts from week one of The X Factor, Melanie Amaro is it.

This 18-year old put gave us the audition of the (early) season last night, belting out Beyonce's "Listen," bringing Nicole Scherzinger to tears and prompting Simon Cowell to say: "When I was asked by people why I was bringing this show to America it was because I hoped we were going to find someone like you."

High praise, indeed. Does Melanie deserve it? You decide...

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Wow!That was one UNFORGETABLE Audition as i've veiwed it umpteen times feeling astounded each and everytime!Melanie,my dear,you're on your way to stardom ! ;You have all the good qualities along with your amazing voice to really make it BIG and i'm really pulling for you and eagerly ready to support you as you dwell in your newly-acclaim fame....Godspeed,Amazing Diva-Princess !!!


Melanie just keeps bringing it every week. I doubt I would watch this show if she wasn't on it. I so hope that the unlimited voting by the pre-teens prevents her from going to the finals.


MELANIE--I really do believe you have the most beautiful voice on the planet. I have listened to your three songs numerous times and each time emotions automatically take over along with the chills and goosebumps. The numerous comments I read all touch on the emotional effect that you have on everyone. It takes a very special personality and god given voice (young Whitney comes to mind)to have such an effect on so many people. You are truly very special.


Wow...A STAR IS BORN...This young lady Is The X Factor. Beautiful voice, beautiful person...Don't Blow It AMERICA!


Oh my, Melanie! Words cannot begin to express your talent! I'm from Kenya and I've been watching your performances on Youtube, girl you rock! I keep on listening to 'listen' over and over! Your voice is too addictive, so soulful! Wish you the best. You will win this thing!


hi melanie, just want to say how happy i am that you were brought back to live show, i to was so surprised that simon did not choose you to move on, i said to friends well thats it i am not watching anymore x-factor, you were so amazing, all 3 times i heard you sing you have my vote, i live in canada and not sure if i am able to vote but if i could you have my votes all the way, i will continue to watch and hope you win, keep going girl.


I have watched the audition clip 3 or 4 times every day since that performance. What a voice ! When Simon Cowell hadn't included her, I was enraged. Is it all a ploy ? In fact I swore never to watch American XFactor again. Let's hope the American public see or hear her as one of the greatest singers and vote, vote, vote for her to win. I can't wait to purchase her first CD.


With the performance you gave, I really thought Simom had lost it. I was so angry, my girlfriends and I just kept calling each other wondering what the hell was Simon's problem, we could not believe what we were seeing. However, I am so pleased Simon corrected his mistake and brought you back. Good luck.


Melanie, you go girl! So glad Simon realized his huge mistake and brought you back!! I was so upset! You are an amazing talent! Please pour out all your charms and continue to mesmerize! You are the winner in my book! God bless you, darlin'!


Now to the fan who commented about being better than Beyonce...sweetheart Beyonce is an icon in this business. You dont get where she is over night. MELONIE is damn good. But dont get it twisted....u must have forgotten who held the charts down while with Destiny's Child and on her Own....its a big difference doing one song already written; to making hit after hit after hit... Good luck Melonie with ur futureB