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Pam Olsen, the newly-named co-chair of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign in the state of Florida, really doesn’t like gay people. Nor does God, she says.

In fact, apparently all the fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes these days are actually God’s way of punishing us for being tolerant toward gays.

Who knew, right??! You learn something every day.

Rick Perry Campaign Co-Chair Anti-Gay Rant

You gotta love this stuff … and really hope Larry Flynt gets his wish and unearths a Rick Perry sex scandal. We’d love to hear Pam Olsen’s take on that.

Does she really believe this? Olsen seems to explicitly link natural disasters on God’s judgment and gays. This puts the Perry campaign at odds with:

  • GOP rival Michele Bachmann, who believes that Hurricane Irene was God’s way of saying that the government needs to rein in spending.
  • Any semblance of sanity or compassion.