Levi Johnston: Bristol Palin Got Pregnant Just to Spite Sarah!

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In his new book, Levi Johnston claims Bristol Palin not only wanted to get pregnant, she did so to spite her famous mom, then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs is due out next week, and within its pages, Johnston airs more dirty Palin laundry than ever.

Considering it's what Levi does for a living, that's saying something!

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Levi Johnston says Bristol Palin was angry when she discovered Sarah was expecting her fifth child (son Trig) and felt she should be the one preggo instead.

According to Johnston, Bristol told him in March 2008, "let's get pregnant."

Whether that HOT directive actually took place or not, he obliged all right.

Johnston also refutes Bristol's earlier claim that she lost her virginity drunk on a camping trip, saying they were sexually active earlier in their relationship.

He also writes that he was "too dumb" to use protection. That we believe.

Despite claims by the Palins, Johnston writes that he was present for Tripp's birth, and that Sarah Palin wanted to be called Mommy Sarah (not grandma).

He also insists that Todd Palin reacted angrily when he learned Bristol was pregnant at the age of 17, telling Johnston he had to quit school and get a job.

Johnston also writes that Sarah Palin wanted to adopt Tripp as her own to "avoid a scandal." Whether she really attempted to conceal it or not is unclear.

What is clear is that this guy has extended his 15 minutes impressively. Between this and Mercede Johnston in Playboy, this family knows how to milk it!

Mercede has also claimed that Bristol got pregnant on purpose.

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One day this little Bristol slut will regret putting all her eggs into one bastard. Florence Gold Get off your spleeny asshole and see the palin's for what they are ASSCLOWN ENTHUSIASTIC SPASTICS.


..waiting for a call??...Bristol Palin is an unskilled slut with no more merit than her PAID speaker on the subject of teen pregnancy job, for which we all know what kind of 'on-hands-experience' she had. On the other hand, Sandra Fluke is a Cornell and Georgetown grad, who is a vocational (thus ad-honorem) advocate teenage pregnancy prevention, whose work (among other proposals) is helping teenagers to prevent the kind of mistakes that Bristol Palin did. Bristol, get a grip honey and stop being so self concerned..if you want someone to pamper you, go on and call mommy or hire someone for that job (called 'counselling') and don't expect to waste the President's time more than what you already have.


Get over these grifters. Granny Palin is lap dancing her flock and the media for more money. She is a nut case and a fraud.


As far as Mercedes Johnston, she has alot of ugly opinion and she has a BIG BIG mouth. This misfortune should have happened to Mercedes, not Bristol. Mercedes is horrible and UGLY.


Levi Johnston is not the victim in this scenario. The fact that Levi screwed her(Bristol's) life is the issue. This story resembles mine and my story is UGLY.
The victims are Bristol and the baby. Her life is shot, Levi killed who she could have been. We can say Bristol will get by just fine, but we know that's NOT TRUE. After this sort of thing happens to a girl, NOTHING will be the same for her ever again. I hate men that know they are NOT READY FOR MARRIAGE, but will screw aroung anyway; since this won't effect HIS life near as much as HERS. I HOPE GOD IS JUST WITH LEVI AND HE GETS HIS.


Levi has every right to milk this thing just as Sarah and the rest of the grifting family does. Besides he's the best looking one, so why not flaunt it, he did a better job in the looks dept. then chubby Bristol in her leggy dancing with the stars idiocy.


You know, Bristol and Levi's drama would be alot more interesting if they were on TeenMom...im jus sayn lol

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