Mercede Johnston Bashes Sarah Palin; Says Bristol Was "Promiscuous," Got Pregnant on Purpose

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Levi Johnston has fallen off the radar a bit lately.

Not that we're up in arms about it, just observing. In any event, it looks like his sister, Mercede Johnston, is picking up the Sarah Palin-bashing slack.

In an interview with Playboy, which will feature Mercede Johnston nude next month, choice comments about Levi's almost in-laws are abundant

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Mental Breakdown

Asked what kind of president Sarah Palin would be, she responded: "I think she'd have had a mental breakdown ... As governor she quit on us." Burn.

"What does that say about her?" Mercede asked, noting that a majority of residents of Wasilla, Alaska "can't stand Palin ... I would say 70 percent."

Mercede claims the Palins are so polarizing in the town - where Sarah was once mayor, and where Levi is running for mayor - that she can't work.

"It's hard to get a job because of the Palins ... People say, 'Oh, Mercede Johnston, I don't know if people are going to come in if she works here.'"

Regarding Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, Mercede claims Bristol sent a brutal text to her boyfriend after she found out she was pregnant ...

"Ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant," said Bristol, who has claimed Levi stole her virginity, "I prayed to God you weren't the father."

Wait, there was some doubt Levi was the father?!

Mercede says that "Levi never liked [Bristol Palin] to drink since it just made her more promiscuous" and that the pregnancy "wasn't an accident."

"She and Levi planned it. They were trying to conceive for months."

Mercede also tells Playboy that Track Palin, Sarah's 22-year-old son and oldest of her five children, who is an Army reservist, used drugs. Like a lot.

"He did OxyContin, mostly cocaine. He didn't choose to go into the Army; he went there because his mom made him, so when she was at the convention they wouldn't know he does drugs and would think he was a patriot."

There you have it. A Palin family rep declined comment. Shocking.

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So now this single, hard working Mama is off for a vacation in Florida--close Disney World for the Palin family because they are rich and famous. Who is taking care of baby Tripp? He doesn't get to go; Trigg is there so he can be used as a political prop but any Wasilla resident will tell you the baby wears glasses and hearing aides most of the time because he is cared for by the nannies but when Sarah is there and the cameras are rolling, Sarah doesn't want to show the public the real Trig with his glasses and aides. She still thinks he is damaged goods. A safe bet is that 80% of the people of Wasilla want nothing to do with the Palin family--they think they are visiting royalty and that everyone should be thankful when they come home to visit our town. Levi is much better liked here--at least half the time he is telling the truth and he treats everyone with respect. All the Palins--even Grandpa--think they are Divas and deserve special treatment.


I really don't believe anything this Mercedes has said, "Track" wouldn't be able to get into the military without many drug tests, that is a fact! This whole Bristol Levi thing has been OLD news for soo long, however, it's nice and fresh that this girl takes a measly $25,000 to show it all in Play Boy, that's probably the lowest price they've paid in years, she'd make more than that working at Hooter's in 1 yr. Everybody knows when it comes to the voting, "family's are untouchable" (meaning: whatever takes place before voting, we leave family's out), Obama said it, as he was a Gentleman enough to say as others would to. So this Mercedes "manufactured celebrity", should show some class, instead of having to show it all!


Mercede Johnston is a typical example of a manufactured celebrity. This dumb young woman has done nothing to be a celebrity other than being a relative of someone I wouldn't claim as a brother if my life depended on it. Levi is trash. Mercede is a take her clothes off for a few bucks trash. This slag even has a blog. Like anyone with brain cells would be interested in what this moronic slut has to say about anything. The only reason that this nobody chick is noteworthy is because GW Bush/GOP/Sarah Palin haters on the left want every little microbe of dirt they could use on the Right. And that's a fact. I wonder Ms Mercede just how well your reputation would hold up if someone decided to look at your life with very large lens? Hopefully someone will do so.


Honestly this lil girl has not grown up yet b/c grown ups don't make their nephews mom and family look like crap i'm not taking sides here i'm just saying maybe both sides should mature and do what's right for that lil boy dispite how they feel about each other this is why kids shouldn't have kids they can't mature fast enough to do the right thing and screw the kid up you so their generation is more screwed up then ours. I'm not saying all teens can't be parents i'm sayin teens who are already too immature for their age.


You expect me to accept your line of B__S___??!! There are a ton of holes and inconsistencies in your story. If Levi boy was such a Jewel, why's he such a deadbeat Dad and non-supportive mate. If he can't stand the responsibility then he needs to keep his little thing zipped up.


Who cares? None of them are REALLY celebs anymore.


Nothing surprises me about anything I hear about all of these people but people have to remember when you point at anyone three fingers point back at yourself.


I have never liked Bristol and I do believe she's a sl*t. Levi is a douche as well. That whole family is dysfunctional. But this broad Mercede is freakin ugly! She looks like a horse on crack. Who the hell would wanna see her naked. Yuk! I bet there's a lot of truth to what see said. That family try to act like everything is A Ok. When I bet they have many skeletons in their closet.


This broad's an idiot! She has no life and wants attention! It's sad Playboy paid her! I bet she'd have done it for free, just for the attention!


I am no fan of Bristol or Sarah Palin but I am not buying this. The choice between going to jail or the armed forces has been gone for many years now. It just does not happen that way anymore. As for Track using drugs, who knows, maybe or maybe not. I also don't believe Bristol and Levi were trying to have a baby. A lot of what this girl is saying sounds like things picked up in an over active highschool rumor mill. I think truth (at least about Bristol and Levi) is somewhere between what each of them claim. Both are trying to spin it to make themselves look like saints and the other look like dirt and somewhere in the middle is reality.

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