Mercede Johnston Playboy Spread: Unveiled!

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In addition to bashing Sarah Palin as a narcissist who would sell her own kids down the river to boost her career, and saying Bristol Palin is pure evil, Mercede Johnston's contributions to Playboy this month also include a nude pictorial.

Like her big brother Levi Johnston, 19-year-old Mercede does not hold back when it comes to absolutely unloading on Alaska's most famous family.

Or taking her clothes off for attention and money. God Bless America!

Follow the jump for a NSFW picture of Mercede Johnston in Playboy:

Mercede Johnston Nude

Behold, the power of airbrushing. And shameless self-promotion.


She reminds me of Khloe Kardashian.


She reminds me of Khloe Kardashian


wow- it looks so fake! waaayyyy too much airbrushing- i can tell cuz my husband is an airbrush artist. thats probably for the best though. both the palins and the johnstons are just idiots. her and levi look incestual imo...


Man wu she kidding player. She so damn ugly. My ex girlfriend looks way better than her. someone should spill liquids onto that page, that'll make her look atleast below wanted. Hey dats something than rather nothing right. She makin me sick. Ewww!!! The ugliest but I've ever seen.


Mercede Johnston Biography

A Mercede Johnston Pic
Mercede Johnston is the younger sister of Levi Johnston and sworn enemy of Bristol Palin. Funny enough, back when Levi first got Bristol... More »
Wasilla, Alaska
Full Name
Mercede Johnston