Kate Middleton: Tutored on How to Be Royal

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Duchess Catherine is undergoing a royal education.

According to UK reports, Kate Middleton is receiving "private tutorials" with senior civic leaders to help train and prepare her for her many public duties.

"The story is broadly accurate," a Palace source confirms, although talk of private lessons helping Kate look and act more regal "is probably going to far."

Future King and Queen

Prince William's wife has performed just one official engagement since her April 29 wedding, but her royal schedule is set to ramp up in 2012, sources report.

"The Duchess is being briefed on how the state works, as well as getting to know our national institutions better and learning more about organizations such as the arts, the media and the government," the Daily Mail says.

"Most of [Kate's training] is on the job, through engagements, and from her husband and his family," explains the Palace source, regarding the recent reports.

"What The Duchess is doing is using time to get to know institutions and charities so she can determine a path for her to follow when she begins public work."

Next Monday, Kate Middleton and Prince William will open the new Oak Centre for Children and Young People at The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, Surrey.

The children's center specializes in cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and education, and will be one of the most comprehensive of its kind in all Europe.

With his lovely wife by his side, William will unveil a plaque to officially open the center before he and Kate meet hospital staff, key donors and fundraisers.

As for when we'll hear about a pregnant Kate Middleton, chances are she's got that part figured out. No need for private lessons there, just practice! Sorry.

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Dear "guest". Kate Middleton is not a "classless twit". Those who are such criticize anonymously. She is very well educated, has exquisite manners and taste and has tried to keep herself in the background and away from the press. She often defers to her husband when asked questions she is not sure how to handle and obvioudly knew not to accept the request from Vogue. She clothes are not flashy, she has worked for a living and seems to be totally unvituperative.


Well I doubt Duchess Kate will getting pregnant anytime soon in the future there a rumor going around that she has a eating disorder the kind where a person starves themsleves.


To the guest posting on Sept 28th. : Take a valium before you have a baby. Let the newlyweds be newlyweds. Maybe their marriage will last, maybe it won't, but I hope that they will make it last. Given todays media and paparazzi that can be a daunting task, and it sure does not help, but let's be positive and give the loving couple some praise and support.


The Dutchess of Cambridge brings sunshine whereever she goes. The love for each other clearly shows between Kate and William. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and when they are ready they will produce an heir. God bless them both!


She is a classless twit. I hope they divorce soon, she makes me ill. Her history of crappy,tacky photos is all over the internet. She can't undo her trashy looking past, no matter what lessons she gets. She's DUMB.


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